What our scholarship & sponsorship recipients say

Tay Hui Ping, Justine
NParks Undergraduate Scholar
Masters of Professional Studies in Horticulture
Cornell University, USA

NParks’ work involves far more than just providing green infrastructure in Singapore; its larger role is to aid the building of community spirit.

I love plants and nature. I also believe strongly in community-building. My work at NParks combines both my passions and I look forward to an exciting and challenging career.
Shee Zhi Qiang
Bachelor of Science in Forestry & Natural Resource
(Honours - Highest Distinction in the College)

When I was a Forestry student at the University of California at Berkeley, I lived in a community that strives to preserve its natural heritage by the strength of its grassroots movements. When the university announced its plans to remove a grove of oak trees, the Berkeley residents opposed it on the grounds of its ecological and historical significance. Soon, students from the university and even some of my professors started showing up at the grove to support the movement.

In Singapore, we are fortunate to have our green spaces - along our streets, in our parks and in our nature reserves. The greater challenge for us is to take a break from our busy lives and appreciate them, whether for recreation, conservation or simply their natural beauty.

Liew Qi
Bachelor of Science in Molecular Environmental Biology with a concentration in Ecology at the University of California, Berkeley

The amazing thing about studying in Berkeley and having the NParks Scholarship was doing what I liked and knowing that what I studied would be relevant to my career at NParks.

I am proud to work in an organisation that maintains Singapore's green spaces for future generations to enjoy. If you truly enjoy nature and would like to make a difference to Singapore's landscape, then the National Parks Board Scholarship is for you.

Desmond Ng Yang Cong
Bachelor of Science in Plant Science and Earth/Environmental Science at the Australian National University

Studying at the Australian National University greatly widened my horizons. Most of my courses had a fieldwork and/or laboratory component. The fieldwork component gave me the opportunity to study a wide range of natural environments, from arid and barren rangeland to swampy lower water catchment areas; from glacial mountains to eroded beaches.

Ong Chong Ren
Bachelor of Science (Plant Science)
Australian National University, Australia

Studying overseas on the NParks scholarship gave me an opportunity to experience the natural world in a way that could never have been possible back home. My advice to anybody with a love for the environment would be to keep an open mind, and take the opportunity to explore, even if it means venturing far out of one's comfort zone.

Cheong Li Min
Bachelor of Ecology & Environmental Biology at the Imperial College London

I studied in one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities, and met people from all walks of life. It was an invaluable learning experience as I got to know more about the world in general.

Being in London meant that I could travel around the UK and Europe. I discovered many new places and experienced many of nature's wonders; it deepened my appreciation for what the earth has to offer and further strengthened my passion in this field.

Alisa Wee Huili
2010 NParks Overseas Merit Awardee
Bachelor of Science (Plant Science)
University of Queensland, Australia

Plants fascinate me in so many ways. Not only are they beautiful, they have intrinsic properties which help us in medicinal or even biological ways.

Chua Wenxi, Felicia
2007 NParks Overseas Merit Awardee
Bachelor of Applied Science (Horticulture)
University of Queensland, Australia

My ambition is to lead a team of outstanding horticulturists to beautify the gardens of Singapore. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to strengthen Singapore’s reputation as a City in a Garden.