Preserving Our Stories

BrightSparks - NHB

Preservation, heritage and legacy – these are words often associated with things of the past. But a deeper look into what they truly mean, reveals how they are very much words of the future as well.

The National Heritage Board's (NHB) mandate, as the custodian of Singapore's heritage, is to preserve, commemorate and promote our tangible and intangible cultural heritage. These are a must for the transmission of our heritage and cultural legacy. We have done this in many ways – from the preservation and promotion of our treasures such as our National Monuments, National Collection, heritage trails, and national museums and institutions; to the documentation and celebration of our shared traditions, beliefs and way of life, through exhibitions, festivals, community projects and more. Together, these are what make us Singaporean.

BrightSparks - NHB

Engaging Our Communities

Heritage is about people. Living and breathing, it is something that we experience collectively, and yet, is deeply personal at the same time. Drawing such connections between our national, community and personal histories is what underscores NHB's calendar of festivals and community outreach initiatives.

Our festivals, language campaigns, heritage trails, education programmes and community grants harness our partnerships with the community, establish long-standing relationships that allow us to collectively recognise and celebrate our shared heritage.

Enriching Our Heritage Landscape

NHB plays a key role in the development of a vibrant and diverse museum and heritage landscape in Singapore, through the cross-sharing of knowledge and expertise with fellow arts and heritage professionals. We endeavour to grow capabilities in the sector and encourage a culture of museum excellence, to lay a firm foundation for Singapore's heritage that will guide as well into the future.

NHB chairs the Museum Roundtable, a collective of public and private museums, and heritage galleries and institutions. With more than 50 members today, the Museum Roundtable strives to develop a stronger museum-going culture in Singapore through its signature programmes, and the development of museum professionals.