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“As with all jobs, challenges are bound to surface during work. In nursing, these challenges could be physically, emotionally and mentally difficult all at the same time. When the going gets tough, always remind yourself why you had chosen this path and let your passion drive you.”

Audrey Tham

Senior Staff Nurse,
Sengkang General Hospital

“When you feel a strong calling to work in the Community Care sector as a nurse, have faith and apply for the scholarship.”


Community Nursing Scholarship Recipient
Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at the NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies

“A huge unknown part of our work is the dysphagia aspect. Many times, people give me a confused look when I introduce myself and my role to patients and their families. I usually introduce myself as a ‘Speech and Swallow’ therapist to help minimise confusion.”

Brenda Soh Rui Qi

Speech Therapist, Woodlands Health Campus
Healthcare Merit Award recipient Bachelor’s degree in Speech Therapy, Manchester Metropolitan University

“If you want to be challenged to open your mind, be non-judgmental and do an unconventional job, then this is a career you should consider. Every day is never boring.”

Tan Zhi Tong

Senior Medical Social Worker, Alexandra Hospital
Bachelor of Social Work

“If you would like to enrich your journey in becoming a healthcare professional, the Healthcare Merit Award is the best platform.”

Renee Loh Jing Rong

Diagnostic Radiographer,
Department of Radiology at Singapore General Hospital
Healthcare Merit Award recipient

“If you are drawn by environments where change is the only constant, healthcare will fit you perfectly.”

Matthew Neo

Senior Physiotherapist,
Rehabilitation Department at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital
Healthcare Merit Award recipient
Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)

“Singapore's Community Care sector is an integral part of Singapore's healthcare system, and will play an even larger role ahead as our focus shift beyond hospitals to caring for patients closer to the community and to homes.”

Lim Kay Ray

Undergraduate pursuing physiotherapy course at SIT
Community Care Scholarship (CCS) recipients

“The myriad of healthcare jobs available within the sector offers a wide selection of career paths for individuals that can cater to their individual preferences.”

Wong Whye Yen

Radiographer, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
Healthcare Merit Award recipient
Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Diagnostic Radiography)

“Each allied health and medical professional has their role to play in the society in terms of healthcare, and I can foresee that the future generations will make a huge impact in the healthcare sector due to medical advancements and the ageing population.”

Joey Tyoh Wei Fen

Staff Nurse, National University Polyclinics (NUP).
Healthcare Merit Award recipient
Bachelor of Science (Nursing) (Honours), NUS

“If you are a person who thrives on challenges and loves tackling problems, healthcare is a noble and rewarding career that allows you to give a helping hand to those who need it.”

Siti Nurfarahdillah Binte Abdul Razak

Podiatrist, Sengkang General Hospital
Healthcare Merit Award recipient
Bachelor of Health Science, Podiatry

“Be open to feedback and reflect on it. And be grateful for the people who give feedback – because it means they haven’t given up on you.”

Alice Phua Mui Liang

Director of Nursing, St Luke’s Hospital

“I have always felt that I worked better under stress, and I wanted to challenge myself to provide care to those who desperately need it - hence my choice as a Respiratory Therapist!”

Victoria Kwong

Respiratory Therapist, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Healthcare Merit Scholarship Recipient

“Personally, radiography stood out to me the most as I found it very interesting to be at the frontline of disease diagnosis and to be able to spot and identify problems; just like a detective.”

NUHS - Joey Tan Yu Jun

Radiographer, National University Hospital
Healthcare Merit Award Full-Term Overseas Scholarship Recipient

“Be prepared to put in a lot of hard work and keep an open mind throughout your journey of learning and working.”

SingHealth - Tan Xianghong

Occupational Therapist, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Health Science Scholarship Recipient

“Finding meaning and purpose are vital for along lasting career in any field.”

Tan Bee Yee

Head, Allied Health
Singhealth Community Hospitals
PSC Singapore Government Scholarship Recipient

“I am thankful to have great colleagues, supervisors, and amulti-disciplinary team in the hospital whom I am able toconsult and align me back to the big picture.”

Gloria Poh

Medical Social Worker
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
MOHH Healthcare Merit Award Recipient

“Take the leap of faith if you’re truly interested in the healthcare sector, and you will be richly blessed with an experience you can’t possibly get anywhere else.””

Jolene Tai

Health Science Scholarship (Overseas) Recipient
Bachelor of Health Science
Master in Podiatric Practice

“The only constant in nursing is change – with shift transitions, evolving manpower distribution and protocol revisions, nurses need to always be on their toes to adapt quickly in a fast-paced work environment.”

Tan Kai Beng

Senior Staff Nurse
MOHH Healthcare Merit Award (HM A) Mid-Term Scholarship Recipient
Bachelor of Science (Nursing) with Honours (Distinction), NUS