LTA believes in grooming its future leaders today. If you would like to take an active role in shaping an innovative and future-ready land transport industry, we invite you to join us as a scholar to explore the multitude of opportunities awaiting you in fields such as Engineering, Economics, IT Security & Communications and Data Analytics.

Create a legacy by leaving your mark on Singapore's land transport landscape today

  LTA Describe your impression of the LTA culture and what you like about it.
LTA is a huge organization with people from all walks of life, but all share the same fierce commitment to deliver a people-centered land transport system. I particularly love how various divisions in LTA work closely together to constantly strive for improving and providing the best experience for commuters.

What kind of development programmes do scholars enjoy?
Scholars are rotated to different divisions every 1.5 - 2 years, which is a great opportunity for us to be exposed to the various, and often completely different, aspects of work that are carried out by LTA. Scholars are also part of a 2-years mentoring programme where we have the privilege of being mentored by a member of LTA's Senior Management, who would closely guide us in fulfilling our career and personal aspirations.

Who has contributed to your career development/ personal growth/ impacted your life in LTA?
My mentor and supervisors who have patiently coached me to achieve the best and to realise my potential.
  LTA Who has contributed to your career development/ personal growth/ impacted your life in LTA?
My mentors, bosses and colleagues have each played an important role in my personal growth in LTA. They make my daily life in LTA more enjoyable and generously share their varied experiences to guide me in my work and career development. I am lucky to have formed many valuable friendships in LTA.

What opportunities were you given after your graduation?
After my graduation, I shared my career aspirations and preferences for job postings with LTA. This enabled me to utilise the skills and knowledge I picked up during my studies to solve real transport issues. Being able to contribute in my area of interest enabled me to gain much fulfilment in my work. The subsequent job rotations within Engineering-related divisions in LTA also helped me to develop as well-rounded Civil Engineer with various skill sets.

I was given many opportunities to immerse myself in the other aspects of LTA's work. I took part in the Ministry of Transport Amoeba Team Study on Touch Point Interaction and Experience where we came up with many innovative technological solutions to address information and experience gaps when commuters interact with our public transport system. As the team composed of members with different expertise and experience, everyone could share a different point of view and approach to the problem.

What kind of impact would you like to make on Singapore's land transport landscape?
I would like to make transportation, especially public transport, more vibrant and inclusive. Public transport has been gradually improving with increased connectivity and better service levels. By taking commuter's perspective in our design of transport infrastructure, we would be able to enhance the land transport landscape and take the commuting experience to the next level.
  LTA What kind of impact would you like to make on Singapore's land transport landscape?
I have been involved in policy-making, engineering work and community engagement. I wish to deliver the highest quality railway systems for Singapore and to use these experiences and knowledge to formulate the right policies for our land transportation system.

Why did you choose the LTA scholarship over other scholarships?
Looking at the Land Transport Master Plan, there were many more upcoming works to improve on the land transportation landscape of Singapore over the next 10 - 15 years. I thought that being part of the team to contribute to the infrastructure development of Singapore would be both exciting and meaningful. Looking at cities such as London and Paris, the metro networks are an integral part of how these cities function day-to-day for more than a hundred years. The metro networks are intertwined with their overall image. I wanted to deliver the same for Singapore; and being in LTA is the best way to do it.

What challenges do you face in the course of your undergraduate studies? What kind of support did you get from LTA?
I wanted to carry out research related to improving our rail network and our MRT trains as part of my undergraduate studies. Despite being overseas, I was given full access to LTA's technical documents and also the opportunity to have in-depth discussions with decision-makers in LTA. This allowed me to better understand the various considerations and compare them against the best practices from other parts of the world. This helped me to do well for my studies, and to also prepare me for the work once my studies were completed.
  LTA Describe your impression of the LTA culture and what you like about it.
To sum it up in a word, my working environment is diverse. My team is made up of people with different nationalities and various age groups. I like meeting people from all walks of life as they are able to share different perspectives on similar issues.

What opportunities were you given after your graduation?
There is a wide array of opportunities for all staff to grow in LTA. In my 2.5 years of service in LTA, I was able to participate in various memorable events such as the most recent Singapore Airshow 2016, where I was tasked as a liaison officer under Ministry of Transport to a delegation and conferences overseas, where I was able to interact with international industry veterans. In addition, it was also an enriching experience when I met other fellow officers from CAAS and MPA and understood how their work contributes to the whole transport during the MOT Family Induction Programme last year.

Why did you choose the LTA scholarship over other scholarships?
I think that LTA allows me to achieve my own career aspirations today. What impressed me during my scholarship interview, was that those whom I have interacted with were so motivated to make a positive change to public transport, and the fruits of their team efforts are tangible and impactful to Singaporeans.

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