With a range of diverse functions, we offer a variety of choices aimed at fulfilling the career aspirations of young talents who look forward to leaving their mark on the Singapore land transport landscape.

Active Mobility
Our vision for an inclusive, green and sustainable city includes a reduced reliance on cars - for walking, cycling and riding public transport to be Singaporeans' preferred mode of commute. We especially want to develop walking and cycling as alternative modes of green mobility. To make this happen, we're building a cycling network across the island and redesigning streets so pedestrians, cyclists and motorists can peacefully co-exist.

We keep LTA running smoothly through various roles in Human Resource, Transformation Office, and Finance, among others. Through Corporate Communications, we engage the public to generate buy-in and appreciation for Singapore's land transport system.

Information Technology, Cybersecurity and Digital Services
We implement large-scale ICT enterprise systems and develop system architecture, communication infrastructure, smart workplace solutions and real-time land transport monitoring systems. We explore emerging technologies to transform and deliver a smooth end-to-end digital experience for customers.

Infrastructure & Development
We design, build and enhance the nation's road and rail networks. Working on mega infrastructure projects such as the North-South Corridor, new rail lines and stations, plus the world's first four-in-one rail and bus depot, we aim to build an integrated and well-connected land transport network across the island.

Public Transport, Policy & Planning
We look at the big picture and offer strategic guidance to make 'Walk, Cycle, Ride' a reality. We scour through big data, harness AI abilities and enlist the help of automation technology to improve public transport planning services. This then makes for a more accessible, comprehensive and comfortable public transport system, and an enhanced commuting experience.

Technology & Industry Development
We promote the use of technology to meet operational requirements and solve engineering challenges. We take active steps to adopt technology to suit the needs of our land transport system. We lead the land transport industry transformation and capability development efforts to ensure that the industry is sustainable and keeps up with technological advancements.