With a range of diverse functions, we offer a variety of choices aimed at fulfilling the career aspirations of our young talents who look forward to leaving their mark on the Singapore land transport landscape.

The Groups supporting our core functions are:

Corporate Communications
Formulates communication plans to support LTA's efforts in building a People-Centred Land Transport System, through the use of media relations, corporate marketing, events, public education and project communications. It also actively engages its stakeholders through various community outreach programmes, so that there is greater understanding and support of LTA policies and initiatives. As the custodian of LTA's corporate identity and brand, the group also champions the consistent projection of the corporate image.

Corporate Services
The enabler of LTA’s projects, Corporate Services provides essential and value-added services to ensure the seamless running of LTA’s main operations and office facilities. The Group is made up of functional experts and professionals in the areas of finance and legal counsel, while strategic HR functions in recruitment and staff career development serve to ensure LTA is driven by an A-team of high performers.

Focuses on system integration and intricate technical design details of every road, tunnel, pedestrian overhead bridge as well as other structures that support a safe, well-connected and efficient transport system. It also ensures that commuter facilities are designed and integrated with transport nodes and developments to give commuters a seamless journey.

Innovation & Infocomm Technology
Oversees the formulation and implementation of e-transformation strategies and development initiatives to achieve total organisational excellence. It spearheads e-government initiatives through value innovation in process re-design, product development and service delivery.

Policy & Planning
Carries out careful planning and analysis to help set the direction and develop plans to meet Singapore's medium and long-term transportation needs. It formulates policies to achieve our mission of providing a premier land transport system and implements communications programmes to secure the public's understanding and support.

Manages the construction of new Rapid Transit System (RTS) projects, and the extension as well as upgrading of existing rail lines. RTS forms the backbone of our public transport infrastructure, providing commuters with a reliable, fast and smooth ride.

Road Projects
Manages the implementation of road infrastructure projects to enhance the road network and commuter facilities. It carries out construction of new roads, road interchanges, flyovers, tunnels, viaducts, bridges including Marina Coastal Expressway and Woodsville Interchange. It also carries out widening, improvement, upgrading of existing roads and commuter facilities like covered walkways and pedestrian overhead bridges.

Road Operations & Community Partnership
Manages and maintains road structures and facilities so that they are operational at all times. Through traffic schemes and the use of technology, the group maintains optimal travel speed on the roads. It also engages the communities to understand the ground, foster closer community relations with grassroots members and to respond faster to their feedback and requests.

Safety & Contracts
Conducts project safety review to ensure that the rail and road systems delivered are safe for use. It also sets up the framework and oversees the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System during project construction to ensure a ‘Safe-To-Build’ environment for the public, staff and contractors. It also puts in place sound procurement, cost control and contractual policies to ensure the optimal use of public funds, and provides programming and scheduling support for all major projects.

Vehicle & Transit Licensing
Takes care of the needs of vehicle owners and public transport commuters. It implements policies relating to vehicle ownership and usage control, enforces vehicle safety, and regulates public transport services to ensure that they are safe, efficient and meet quality service standards.

Transportation & Ticketing Technology
Adopts technology for optimising road transport infrastructure and for provision of service excellence in various intelligent transport and ticketing systems. It also manages and operates the electronic road pricing system, the electronic parking system, the transit fare system, and transit ticketing services.

Corporate Planning and Research
Drives sustainable development and policy research through promoting and test bedding innovations with our partners. It also aims to capture, retain and share knowledge by documenting institutional knowledge. It enhances corporate planning and resource management processes to create focus and alignment in our actions and enable strategic allocation of limited resources. Last but not least, the group also seeks to achieve organisational excellence through inculcating a culture that empowers staff to be efficient, innovative, service-oriented, risk-conscious and always striving for excellence.


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