Health Promotion Board

HPB has a strong and supportive working environment that encourages healthy living. In addition to my work responsibilities, I also organise monthly sporting events and subsidised exercise classes for our staff as part of the Healthy Workforce Committee. Nothing beats going for a therapeutic yoga session or intensive body combat workout in the office immediately after work!

Caleb Teo
Senior Executive,
Research & Strategic Planning Division

HPB has moved away from passive education to active intervention. It is no longer about telling people what they should do; rather, it is about creating a conducive environment for them that makes living healthy no longer a choice but an instinct.

I am proud to be able to drive the health promotion programmes and inspire healthy living among Singaporeans!

Brenda Tan
Senior Executive,
School Health & Outreach Division

Being a Psychology major, a key consideration for me choosing HPB was the multi-disciplinary nature of the organisation. I am confident that I can contribute to HPB’s mission with the knowledge and skills my university course has equipped me with. The scholarship has offered me financial support and more importantly, a meaningful career upon my graduation.

Isaac Yee
Pursuing Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)
National University of Singapore

I have always had an interest in health-related issues and how health influences almost every aspect of one’s life. HPB has helped me gain a better perspective of the health situation in Singapore. I believe HPB will offer me many opportunities to make a real difference in the health of fellow Singaporeans.

Farah Aslinda Binte Abdul Razak
Pursuing Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences)
National University of Singapore