You can make a difference!

While what we do is challenging, it is always meaningful at the end of the day. We have the heart to serve the people and the mind to make a positive impact. Since our formation in 2001, our vision and mission have remained rooted in empowering and enabling Singaporeans to adopt a healthy lifestyle. From planning to on-the-ground works, our team has never been shy in touching the lives of Singaporeans, making a difference.

Together, we work hard and play hard.

A positive work environment is important to us. At HPB, we believe in creating a balance between work and play. We have an internal Ministry of Fun that comes up with regular activities, which are engaging and promote employee's total well-being – physically, mentally and socially.

We value your growth.

At the core of what we do, it is all about people, including you! Nurturing talents is one of our focus here. Talents are given the opportunities to participate in developmental programmes and cross-collaborate within and outside of the organisation.

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