Our Strategic Thrusts

Safety Oversight and Promotion

Safety is a top priority for CAAS and the aviation industry. We promote a strong safety mindset and best practices through a modern and progressive regulatory regime, as well as engagement of our industry partners. We also actively contribute to enhancing aviation safety regionally and globally.

Air Hub Development

Singapore adopts a liberal aviation policy to allow airlines full flexibility to respond to market opportunities. This enables passengers and shippers to have the widest possible travel and flight options at competitive rates so that Singapore continues to be the transfer hub of choice for international travellers and shippers.

Aviation Industry Development

As an advocate for the aviation industry, CAAS promotes an environment where enterprises thrive, ideas flourish and innovation prevails. It supports the introduction of new aviation technology, products & processes and works with the industry to develop and enhance its capabilities.

Air Navigation Services

As part of CAAS' role to ensure safe and expeditious air traffic flow for all flights in and out of Singapore airports, CAAS provides air traffic control and other air navigation services, as well as collates and disseminates essential aeronautical information for air navigation within the Singapore FIR. We are also one of the agencies involved in the coordination of search and rescue operations in Singapore, through the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) located at Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre.

Aviation Knowledge and Expertise

As a centre of aviation learning and thought leadership, CAAS shares its knowledge and experience globally and provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. CAAS also contributes to building Singapore into a centre of excellence for aviation knowledge and human resource development for the aviation industry.

International Contribution and Engagement

As an integral organisation within the international aviation community, CAAS contributes expertise and resources towards the continued development and harmonisation of international aviation policies and standards to ensure safe, secure, efficient and sustainable air transport globally.