Our People



“The capacity to combine scholars’ passion and career aspirations is exactly what CAAS has to offer uniquely. CAAS has a diverse range of divisions, all having their own global and local outlook to continuously maintain Singapore’s aviation industry at the highest international standards.


I did summer internships during the course of my university studies at 2 different divisions: Safety Policy and Licensing (SPL) and Airworthiness and Flight Operations (AFO). The internships provided valuable insights on CAAS’ meticulous consideration on the impact of our policies on various aviation stakeholders in the near, mid- and long-term.


During my internship stints and my current work at CAAS, I’ve seen and learnt about CAAS’ open and consultative culture which sparks and drives changes within itself, within the local aviation industry and on the international platform.”


Elizabeth Chau
CAAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholar
Manager (Strategy and Intelligence)


“Since joining CAAS, no two days of work have been identical. The world of civil aviation is never stagnant, and policies and initiatives must constantly evolve in tandem with developments in technology and in the business and political environment. A career with CAAS will therefore keep you attuned to the dynamics on the ground while maintaining a lookout for opportunities ahead.


Despite the high energy work culture, CAAS emphasises on work-life harmony. This is facilitated by various initiatives and events such as flexible work arrangements, ‘ACTIVE Day’ (promotes healthy lifestyle) and ‘Eat With Your Family Day’ (encourages staff to go home early to eat with their family).”


Victor Sim
CAAS Honours Year Scholar
Currently on a 2-year secondment to Ministry of Transport
Senior Assistant Director (Air), Ministry of Transport


“CAAS provides opportunities to learn, grow and contribute in meaningful ways to Singapore. From very early in their career, young officers in CAAS are put through their paces and are entrusted to work on key initiatives that have an impact on Singapore’s development as an aviation hub. It is this steep learning curve and concrete contributions that makes work in CAAS interesting for me.


Moreover, through rotations to various divisions in CAAS and secondments to other Ministries, I have gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of the various facets of the dynamic aviation industry, enjoyed a high degree of international exposure, as well as honed my policy development skills.”


Faith Li
CAAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholar
Currently on a 2-year secondment to Ministry of Manpower
Deputy Director, Income Security Policy Division, Ministry of Manpower


“Aviation in Singapore is a crucial component in our economy; home to one of the busiest airports and air cargo hubs in the world. Despite being a small country, we are a well-respected contender in the global aviation arena, with our national airline carrier and airport consistently being nominated among the world's best.

CAAS is the advocate that gives Singapore a voice in the global stage and strives to bring Singapore's growth and development in the air hub and aviation industry to even greater heights. I envision that Singapore will continue to have worldwide recognition as a leader in aviation safety, security, reliability and efficiency.”


Chan Ki Wan
CAAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholar
Deputy Manager (International Relations)


“I was keen on pursuing a career in aviation which is my passion. I was also looking for a scholarship which could offer me plenty of opportunities for learning and development in a wide variety of fields. The CAAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship presented itself as an excellent fit for my interests and aspirations given that CAAS has a diverse range of roles ranging from aviation safety regulation to international contribution and engagement. In addition, CAAS also has a strong focus on training and development of their staff which would allow me to quickly pick up the necessary skillsets required to do my job well and for my personal growth.”


Marc See
CAAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholar
Deputy Manager (Standardisation and Planning)