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During university, BCA scholarship not only helped me financially but also gave me peace of mind that a meaningful career awaits for me. In BCA, I have been exposed to both policy and technical projects. I have enjoyed the practical site work experience and plan to further develop my technical competency through the many learning opportunities in BCA.

Tuo Tuo
Executive Engineer
Policy and Rules Department

BCA Scholar

Being part of BCA has been an eye-opening and enriching experience. In BCA, we strive to 'build' a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly Singapore for all of us. As an environmental advocate, I'm glad to be once part of the Green Mark team, which gives me ample opportunities to effect the green transformative changes I hope to see in our built environment. I'm also fortunate to have been seconded to MTI. My work in MTI has allowed me to understand deeper the many regulations we imposed and given me fresh perspectives when thinking in the shoes of enterprises. Apart from work, I'm glad to have completed my MBA and am very appreciative of the support from BCA. Highly recommended to join us if you are one motivated individual who enjoy challenging existing norms!

Derek Ang
Senior Manager
Strategic Engagement Department

BCA Scholar

If you are unsure of the career choices available in the built environment sector, the BCA-Industry Built Environment Undergraduate Scholarship (now known as iBuildSG Scholarship and Sponsorship) may just be for you. The scholarship programme gave me a headstart in the built environment industry by providing me with career opportunities with established industry players. Through the scholarship, I had the privilege of joining Surbana Jurong, Asia's consultancy powerhouse for urbanisation, industrial and infrastructure developments. As a design consultant, I was involved in many exciting projects that shape the future urban landscape of Singapore and abroad. There is never a dull moment in the construction industry!

Tham Jian Lun Clarence
BCA-Surbana Jurong Scholar

I am very grateful for the BCA-CPG Built Environment Undergraduate Scholarship (now known as BCA-CPG iBuildSG Scholarship) which has given me the opportunity to fulfil my dream of being a part of this home-grown firm. With the wide spectrum of building typologies that CPG has to offer, I have been lucky to be able to expand my personal project exposure by having hands on experience from designing schools to hospitals to residential blocks. I also feel content and happy knowing that I too, can also play a part in designing buildings that will eventually serve the larger community!

Ng Si Han
BCA-CPG Scholar