PA Scholarship

– an undergraduate scholarship with a difference

PA Scholarship – an undergraduate scholarship with a difference
If you are looking for a meaningful career where you can find an area that you are passionate about, be it youth, active ageing, sports, arts and culture, social development or community leadership, the PA scholarship is for you.

As a PA scholar, you will have a rich experience of community organising and leadership through involvement in community projects, regular engagement with grassroots and PA leaders, job placements in various strategic units, and participation in overseas attachments and programmes. You can look forward to a fulfilling and challenging career with many opportunities to develop your potential to the fullest.

Types of Scholarship
We offer local and overseas undergraduate scholarships to outstanding students with a heart and who are keen to grow the community with us.

Upon completion of their studies, scholars will be bonded with the PA for a period of four years for local scholarship, five years for overseas scholarship (non-English speaking countries) and six years for overseas scholarship (English speaking countries).

Eligiibility Criteria

If you:
  • Are a Singapore Citizen
  • Have excellent academic results: 'A' level, polytechnic diploma, undergraduate results, and/or other equivalent qualifications (e.g. International Baccalaureate)
  • Possess leadership qualities displayed through active participation in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and/or community/volunteer service, especially in leadership positions
  • Love to work with people
We welcome you to apply for the PA Scholarship.

Fields of Study
Most disciplines, except Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture and Law.

Tenable Universities
The undergraduate scholarships are applicable to courses at renowned overseas universities and the five local universitites, namely National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore Institute of Technology and Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Benefits of the Scholarship Award
  • Full tuition and compulsory fees
  • Monthly maintenance allowance
  • Pre-studies allowance
  • Sponsorship for approved student exchange programme
  • Scholarship of Master's degree (if requirements are met)
  • Return airfare (for overseas universities)
  • Medical/Health insurance (where required by the university)
Application of the Scholarship
Application for the PA Scholarship will open in December of each year and close two weeks after the release of 'A' level results.

Mid-term undergraduates who have completed at least two semesters of undergraduate studies with exemplary results may apply for the mid-term scholarship during the same period.

Come create a great home and caring community with us.
Deadline: 31 Mar 2024, Sun
We welcome you to apply for the PA Scholarship. Please login to apply.