Applying for the PA Scholarship

1. When can I apply for the PA Scholarship?
Application for the Undergraduate Scholarship will open in mid December and close two weeks after the release of 'A' level results in March.

2. What are the scholarship eligibility criteria?

  • Singapore citizen
  • The PA offers both local and overseas undergraduate scholarships for 'A' level or diploma graduates with exemplary results gaining entry into a local or overseas university or for mid-term undergraduates who have completed at least two semesters of undergraduate studies with exemplary results.
  • Possess leadership qualities displayed through active participation in Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) and/or community/volunteer service, e cially in leadership positions.
  • Love to work with people
3. When will I know if I have been short-listed for selection?

The selection process will take place between March and May.

4. What is the selection process like?

The selection process will include interviews and written assessments.

5. If I'm going for my National Service (NS), do I apply after I have received my GCE 'A' Level results or after I've completed NS?

For male applicants, you do not have to wait until you have completed NS. You can also apply as soon as you received your GCE 'A' Level results. If you are successful in your application, an offer will be made to you. Upon accepting our offer, we will hold the scholarship for you until you have completed your NS.

6. Can I defer my NS?

No. You are not allowed to defer NS to take up the Scholarship earlier.

Fees & Financial Matters

7. What does the scholarship cover?
  • Full tuition and compulsory fees
  • Monthly maintenance allowance
  • Pre-studies allowance
  • Sponsorship for approved student exchange programme
  • Sponsorship of Master's degree (if requirements are met)
  • Return airfare (for overseas universities)
  • Medical/Health insurance (where required by the university)

8. How long is the bond?
Upon completion of their studies, scholars will be bonded with the PA for a period of four years for local scholarship, five years for overseas scholarship (non-English speaking countries) and six years for overseas scholarship (English speaking countries).

The University and Courses I choose

9. What courses does PA support?
Most disciplines, except Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture and Law.

10. What about a Master's degree? We encourage scholars to start work with PA after their bachelor degree to gain the important domain knowledge of field work. After working for a few years, the scholar can apply for the PA full-time/part-time in-service scholarship for postgraduate studies. However, overseas scholars who are keen to add diversity and depth to their undergraduate academic experience can apply for sponsorship of Master's programme, subject to considerations like attaining excellent undergraduate results.

11. Is there a list of approved universities that I should apply to? The undergraduate scholarships are applicable to courses at renowned overseas universities and five local universities, namely National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design and Singapore Institute of Technology.

Opportunities to experience life in PA (before I start work)

12. Are scholars given the opportunity to intern with PA?

Yes. As a guide, the first internship should be scheduled in the university break after Year 1, and the second after Year 3. The first internship should be at a CO so as to experience the PA's core business in community development and grassroots engagement. The other internship should be at a division in the Partnership or Engagement Groups, where the scholars will be able to co-organise and understand the upstream programming and downstream implementation of bite-size engagement projects with the ground units.

13. What are the various engagement and developmental touchpoints with PA during studies?
The scholars will:
  • Be assigned to a PA buddy during studies. This PA buddy who is a PA staff will be the conduit for PA to engage the scholar actively;
  • Be connected through sharing of scholars' experience in PA Intranet during internships;
  • Invited to the annually-held PA Scholarship Awards Ceremony and PA/community events; and
  • Invited to join PA Frenz and contribute to PA Facebook.