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Nanyang Technological University (NTU) aims to produce graduates with intellectual rigour and strong leadership skills. With a variety of programmes that are designed to meet the diverse needs of its students, NTU ensures that its graduates will be ready to take on the world while pursuing their passions.

N TU is ranked alongside Ivy League universities, and with good reason. At NTU, you will find a plethora of internationally recognised degree programmes. Students are provided with the tools and resources to excel, ensuring that they become future leaders in their respective fields.

At NTU, undergraduates are given the freedom to explore their interests and pursue their own paths. The benefits of an enriching university experience is contingent on the students’ own efforts to make the most of their time in university. Instead of passively receiving information, undergraduates are encouraged to make a conscious effort to question and to learn.

Exemplifying this spirit of independence are Nanyang Scholars Nicolette Ho Yi Ting and Jerrica Shee Shi Ting. They both tell us about how their time with NTU has enriched their lives and opened their eyes to new possibilities.

Nicolette Ho Yi Ting,Nanyang Scholar

Nicolette Ho Yi Ting
Nanyang Scholar

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
with Second Major in Business
(International Trading Programme)

“I just feel that the additional training in business and trading will greatly benefit me and provide me with a greater variety of career options.”

An Education unlike Any Other

With the increasing demands of a broad skillset in the global workforce, students are expected to take on roles that require more than what a single discipline can provide. NTU prepares its students to thrive in the future by taking an interdisciplinary approach to education.

This style of education resounds deeply with Jerrica, leading to her decision to study at NTU. She explains, “Choosing NTU was difficult because all the Universities in Singapore are prestigious in their own rights. However, NTU was the only school to offer the CN Yang Scholars Programme (CNYSP), a programme that allowed me to take all three sciences and math as part of the curriculum. It also helps that NTU is well-known for its sciences.”

On her end, Nicolette carefully considered other universities as well before settling decisively on NTU. She tells us, “I knew I wanted to stay in Singapore because I wanted to be with my family, so I just applied to local universities. I received offers from NTU and another school, but NTU was simply the better choice because they offered me the Nanyang Scholarship.

“The true deciding factor though was NTU’s Bachelor of Engineering with a Second Major in Business programme, which allows me to acquire both engineering and business knowledge, as well as global marketplace proficiencies, after just four years in university. For my Business Major Track, I chose the International Trading Programme (ITP), a new programme, which I find to be very interesting and highly industry-relevant. I just feel that the additional training in business and trading will greatly benefit me and provide me with a greater variety of career options.”

Opportunities Abound

NTU ensures that talented young individuals will have all the resources they need to excel with their specialised programmes.

With the CNYSP, Jerrica enjoys many research opportunities. CNYSP students will be given research attachments at NTU research institutes or external laboratories, and the chance to do their final year project overseas. “Unlike other students, we are able to start doing research in our first year. This is great, because it allows me to work in different labs in order to try them out and find a suitable one for my final year project,” she adds.

As a student in the ITP, Nicolette is able to pursue her passion in engineering while receiving technical competencies in the world of business. “So far, I’ve taken courses on the subjects of finance and trading. I found those topics really interesting because they dealt with a lot of real world issues. Even though the style of Business courses is pretty different from Engineering courses – there’s a lot of group work in Business while Engineering courses tend to focus on individual tutorial work – I feel like it’s something that I can do well in and I’m looking forward to learning more!” she exclaims.

Furthermore, as Nanyang Scholars, both Jerrica and Nicolette receive benefits such as subsidised tuition fees, accommodation allowance, travel grants, and priority for overseas programmes. Jerrica has chosen to take advantage of the priority for overseas programmes, choosing to embark on an exchange programme with UK’s University of Glasgow. On her part, Nicolette utilised the Nanyang Scholarship’s accommodation allowance to take up residence in one of NTU’s halls, where she partakes in many exciting hall activities.

Jerrica Shee Shi Ting, Nanyang Scholar

Jerrica Shee Shi Ting
Nanyang Scholar

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences
CN Yang Scholars Programme

“NTU was the only school to offer the CN Yang Scholars Programme (CNYSP), a programme that allowed me to take all three sciences and math as part of the curriculum.”

Moving Towards a Brighter Future

With an NTU education in hand, Jerrica and Nicolette will have countless possibilities waiting for them when they enter the working world.

Jerrica is looking forward to her graduation, telling us, “I’m going to do an internship with Deloitte and I think that this is an amazing prospect. It’ll allow me to gain a different perspective of biology. Instead of working solely in the lab, I’ll be involved in the corporate world – doing research within a company setting in order to help predict scientific developments and healthcare trends. I can see myself eventually working in the corporate world managing a team of scientists, showing the public what biology is about.”

Nicolette still has two years left at NTU before moving on to a more professional environment. However, she already has some idea of what she can do in the future. “I’m interested in having a career in the international trading industry, something that allows me to use knowledge in engineering and business at the same time.”

Rounding up the interview, Jerrica provides some useful advice for aspiring NTU students. She says, “Come in with an open heart and look out for all opportunities. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out on a lot of things. Also, if you’re a scholar, be prepared to work hard and be confident in what you do. The curriculum is vigorous, but it makes you think more and helps you develop intellectually.”

Nicolette concurs, adding, “Come in expecting to work hard! Adjusting may be difficult, but there’s not a lot that can’t be solved with good time management.”