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Curtin is a global educator that focuses on nurturing the future leaders of tomorrow, through holistic teaching methods and a well-structured curriculum.

A mid trends of globalisation, a local yet global education is highly sought after. Curtin Singapore offers just that – a well-rounded global programme – for students who wish to remain in the comforts of their home. In fact, students are also given the option to pursue semesters in Curtin’s flagship campus in Perth, Western Australia. This global programme will equip students with not just a degree, but knowledge for the workplace.

According to Ruth Anne George, a Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Human Resource Management student at Curtin Singapore, the institution’s curriculum, lecturers and academic system are not the only things that make Curtin stand out. We speak to her to find out more.

Why did you choose to study at Curtin?

Ruth Anne George: I knew as I was exploring my degree options after ‘A’ Levels that my interests lay in the Business courses. I’ve always had a keen interest in Business since my secondary school days. However, the admission process into Business courses in local universities is very competitive, and I figured that it would be wiser to explore other local options. I liked that Curtin offered an accelerated two-year course in the comfort of a local campus, while giving students the option to complete a couple of semesters in the Perth campus!

Ruth Ann George

Ruth Ann George

Bachelor of Commerce,
Double Major in Management and
Human Resource Management

“I liked that Curtin offered an accelerated two-year course in the comfort of a local campus, while giving students the option to complete a couple of semesters in the Perth campus!”

Tell us more about the pedagogy at Curtin. What is the learning culture like there?

Ruth: There is usually a 3-hour combined lecture and tutorial session for each module each week, and lecturers are very accessible when you need to clarify questions about assignments or submissions. The lecture usually takes up about an hour, and after a short break, a tutorial session would commence. For a particularly big class, students are split into 2 groups, and the tutorials are held at different timings. Students have the flexibility to choose which tutorial class to attend.

At Curtin, the learning culture and modules are also quite Australian-centric. For instance, for our Business Law module, we are exposed to Australia’s Commonwealth Laws. On top of that, we also have other modules that cover topics beyond Australian boundaries.

Overall, what do you enjoy about being a student at Curtin?

Ruth: I like being able to plan my timetable such a way that I have lectures and tutorials on three weekdays. This means that I can utilise the other two days to complete assignments and research projects.

I also like that we are in constant interaction with people from other countries. This has helped me gain a better perspective of their cultures. Apart from that, some of our modules require us to conduct interviews on successful entrepreneurs and understand how their actions have influenced the strategic direction of their business. It’s always exciting to see how lessons learned in the classroom are applied in the real world.

How is Curtin preparing you for your future career?

Ruth: At Curtin, emphasis is placed on independent learning. When we do our assignments, we are required to go beyond our lecture slides and conduct our own intensive research. This means we have to comb through peer-reviewed journals and countless readings to enhance our research, and take effort to apply models into real-life situations. I believe this sense of independence we have acquired here will help us when we join the workforce.

I also believe that future employers would appreciate the scope of understanding we will be equipped with after we graduate. As future HR practitioners, we are taught to understand employee relations, workplace behaviour, as well as various business and organisational concerns. Curtin has certainly adopted a holistic and comprehensive approach in delivering our modules!

What would you like to tell those who are reading this magazine now?

Ruth: I would definitely recommend Curtin to those pursuing their higher education. I’ve even encouraged my sister, who would be graduating from polytechnic soon, to consider Curtin. After all, the institution offers a course that is similar to her diploma, and there are credit exemptions she would be entitled to.

I look forward to seeing how lessons in the classroom and research projects play out in the real world. It would also be interesting to see how friendships made in Curtin will stand the test of time, and how networking with fellow course mates would contribute to my future success.

Finally, if you do choose Curtin, be prepared for a very intense two years. These two years would not be easy – but if you are willing to be challenged, you would most definitely be stretched to achieve your greatest potential.