International and Professional Experience

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom, and it goes beyond books, lectures and essays. At Yale-NUS, we believe that experiential learning is an integral part of the student experience. Getting outside of the classroom, to put your learning into action, provides a valuable opportunity to gain insights, functional life skills, leadership development and real-life work experience.

Yale-NUS College's Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) creates global opportunities that will enhance your academic learning, broaden your perspectives and hone the skills and character you need to succeed as a student today and a leader tomorrow.

CIPE takes you beyond the confines of a classroom for the experiences of a lifetime. You will be assigned an individual advisor, who will work with you to build a portfolio of experiences that suit your personal and academic goals. From research positions to internships, CIPE enables students to apply their skills and expertise in diverse global settings.

The Week 7 Learning Across Boundaries (LABs) are faculty-generated initiatives piloted in collaboration with CIPE that are conducted in the 7th week of the very first semester at Yale-NUS (in students’ first year).

During Week 7 LABs, students, faculty and staff engage in learning projects of up to a week that explore themes of the Common Curriculum in a broader context, in an interdisciplinary way and in a different setting than the traditional classroom. The week culminates in a symposium, where students and faculty share the insights and knowledge they’ve gleaned with each other and members of the Yale-NUS community.

Week 7 LABs take place outside of the classroom, either within Singapore or the Asian region.

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One of the opportunities available to students at Yale-NUS College is to study one semester (or a year) in a different university. Whether studying the Cold War in Berlin, debating Korean politics in Seoul, or delving into astrophysics in New Haven, semester study abroad programmes offer the time and rigour needed for deep learning – including language training, intercultural competency, and personal growth.

Students will have the chance to study with our exchange partners in a wide array of cities across North America, South America, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Many of these partnerships operate on an exchange basis, with our partner universities sending students to Yale-NUS as well.

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CIPE offers career advising services to our students, by guiding and supporting them on their path of self-exploration, equiping them with the personal and professional tools to help them make informed choices, and engaging them in meaningful activities outside of the classroom that will provide a strong foundation for a fulfilling career path.

The students’ journey with CIPE at Career Services will take place in three phases: Exploring, Equipping, and Engaging.


The Exploring phase will be a time of self-discovery, when an assigned CIPE Advisor will meet with each student to get to know them better and help them to know themselves better. CIPE will provide 1-on-1 advising and counselling, useful resources and assessment tools that will allow students to explore their talents and personalities, as these are critical elements in determining their post-graduation options. CIPE will further inform their choice by organising a series of talks and speaker events where students can interact with representatives of various industries.


In the Equipping phase CIPE will launch a series of personal development and skill-building workshops where students can acquire specific skills relating to their areas of interest. Such opportunities will prepare students for future responsibilities and maximise their capacity to learn from upcoming professional experiences.


In this phase, students will have a choice of practical experiences: an internship with one of our partner organisations, a local or international fellowship, or a summer research attachment. Upon their return to campus, students will have the chance to develop a platform to share insights and integrate their off-campus experiences into residential life. During this period, CIPE will provide targeted career counselling and employment search support, alongside graduate and professional school counselling for students who are interested in pursuing post-graduate study.

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The Leadership and Global Citizenship Programme aims to develop students who are ethical and effective change agents – regardless of their setting, discipline, or stage of study.

The programme draws from across the rich traditions of leadership and management theory, and is anchored in the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Key tenets of the programme include helping students understand that leadership transcends rank, and that good leaders also follow, know when to listen, and thrive in teams.

Some of the initiatives offered under the programme include:

  1. Scholarships & Fellowships
  2. Leadership Certification
  3. Student-led Social Initiatives

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