URA - Careers

Careers At URA

URA - Careers

Careers At URA

Our URA Scholarship can help you jumpstart your journey with us in one of the following career choices below:


Urban Planner

Our Urban Planners aim to create memorable spaces by using urban design tools and theoretical skills. They participate in technical and socio-economic processes to curate a cityscape that we all love.



Our Architects ideate on how to bridge aesthetics, human emotions, science, and spatial design to achieve a distinctive cityscape. They are involved in projects that materialises conceptual art and design to reinvigorate Singapore's built environment.



Our Economists focus on dealing with the property market and Singapore's land policy issues. This involves close monitoring of trends in the market and regular reviews of policies to maintain a stable and sustainable property market.



Our Engineers execute urban development projects through construction processes and conducting feasibility assessments on land parcels. They also harness geotechnical expertise to make up a built environment that is both liveable and endearing for Singaporeans to call home.


Systems Analyst

Our System Analysts utilise digital innovations to manage business operations and meet their ever-changing needs. They also provide reliable IT system structures to ensure secure connectivity with government agencies and members of the public.


Data Scientist

Our Data Scientists innovate ways to interlink urban planning and data science, such as utilising expansive computing languages and analytic tools. They also analyse geospatial datasets to address Singapore's urban planning needs.