Our People Share

Tan Yingyi, Senior Engineer, ST Aerospace,
ST Engineering Overseas Scholar

Studied MSc in Engineering Management System,
Columbia University and BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University

“ST Engineering is huge with diversified businesses in various industries worldwide. There’s definitely a role that will cater to one’s interest. The ST Engineering scholarship allows one to try out various roles to find one’s interest.”

Joel Chan, System Consultant, ST Electronics,
ST Engineering Overseas Scholar

Studied MSc and BSc in Computer Science,
Cornell University

“Being one of Asia’s largest defence and engineering groups with global presence, one can be assured of exciting opportunities locally and abroad. Anyone who has a keen interest in engineering should definitely consider taking up the scholarship!”

Nicholas Yap, Engineer, ST Electronics, 
ST Engineering Overseas Scholar

Studied MSc in Electrical Engineering,
Stanford University and BEng in Electrical Engineering,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“I had internship opportunities during my vacations at various ST Engineering companies. They are really useful in helping me to better understand ST Engineering and what an engineering career entails.”

Tracie Teo, Senior Engineer, ST Kinetics, 
ST Engineering Overseas Scholar

Studied MSc and BSc in Industrial & Operations Engineering,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

“Every ST Engineering scholar is assigned a mentor whom the scholar can seek advice and guidance on studies and career matters. My mentor has been very supportive and encouraging. His work and life experience is an invaluable source of insight and inspiration to me!”

Chong Liang Ming, Manager (Business Development), ST Marine, 
ST Engineering Local Scholar

Studied BEng in Mechanical Engineering,
National University of Singapore

“Development opportunities are abound within ST Engineering. On-the-job training, formal training courses, challenging work assignments, overseas postings and other learning & development programmes are available to help us in our professional and personal development.

Yeo Pei Han, ST Engineering Overseas (China) Scholar

Studying BEng in Aerospace Engineering,
Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics

“I am glad that ST Engineering is prepared to send a scholar to China. Studying in China allows me to gain a complete perspective of China and offers me a foothold for potential development in this incredibly huge market.”