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Why be Our ScholarOur Scholars

Under the stewardship of SMF, the MaritimeONE scholarship programme has given bright, young talents the opportunity to realise their educational ambitions through the support of more than 36 degree and diploma programmes. This list increases each year to meet the needs of the growing maritime industry. Since its inception in 2007 – when it awarded just four scholarships – the Programme has grown to embrace more than 470 MaritimeONE scholars today.

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scholarship benefitsWhy be our scholar?

As a MaritimeONE scholar, you will be exposed and invited to numerous networking and industry events.

MaritimeONE scholars will be invited to events such as maritime conferences, networking events and industry gatherings to network and build connections with industry professionals and likeminded individuals.

Scholars will also be able to attend learning journeys and educational tours hosted by maritime organisations which supplements the knowledge acquired in school. They are offered internship opportunities with sponsoring companies during their term breaks. Scholars also have the flexibility to choose between a bonded or a non-bonded scholarship.

Lastly, as a MaritimeONE scholar you will get opportunities to work with SMF and other working partners to profile the maritime industry by appearing on promotional campaigns, advertorials in newspapers, youth-centric publications and other potential medias.

Learn more about our proud scholars and their stories and aspirations below.


Yin Jinghong and Chia Wei Tao, Darren

SMOU-MaritimeONE Scholar | PIL-MaritimeONE Scholar


Geraldine Chick and Chan Yong Da

Jurong Port – MaritimeONE Scholar | Sembcorp Marine – MaritimeONE Scholar


Aditya Rayakar and Tan Pei Lun

BW – MaritimeONE Scholar | PSA – MaritimeONE Scholar