Why SingHealth

At SingHealth, we are committed to putting patients at the heart of all we do,
where we Care to Heal, Educate to Empower and Innovate to Advance.

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Care to Heal
  • We aim to deliver consistently high quality care that is appropriate and accessible to patients
  • Working in multidisciplinary teams, we promise to put "Patients at the Heart of All We Do"
  • We place a strong focus on patient safety, continual improvements and best clinical outcomes
  • We seek to be a trusted healthcare leader and give peace of mind to our patients
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Educate to Empower
  • We are committed to nurturing generations of healthcare professionals and empowering them to shape the future of healthcare
  • As we pursue Academic Medicine, we need to harness the skills, knowledge and talent of our people and build strong partnerships
  • With a talent pool of trailblazers across the various professions, SingHealth is a place where you can learn from the best and realise your full potential
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Innovate to Advance
  • We aim to pursue innovations that transform and advance care for our patients
  • Armed with a spirit of inquiry, scientific curiosity and the passion and perseverance to improve care, we aim to translate research discoveries into advances that directly benefit our patients
  • Research is not just about breakthroughs, but giving our patients better lives
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