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An industry that continues to grow

Public transport is an important enabler of Singapore's economy. Every day, over 3.5 million commuter journeys are taken on the rail network to homes, jobs and schools. Our aim is to make these experiences seamless and enjoyable for all commuters.

Commuters can look forward to more rail developments, with new lines and trains progressively rolling out, and opening of more new stations. The industry is also committed to enhancing the rail systems, with significant investments in rail assets over the years, leveraging emerging technologies to deliver an efficient and reliable rail network.

In the rail industry, we continually explore the "what if" to push the frontiers of technology and enhance the way people work, live and play. Over the years, we have been improving the rail network, taking steps towards a more seamless and accessible public transport system for commuters every day. We constantly leverage emerging technologies to achieve smarter mobility and encourage the industry to actively adopt new ideas and innovative formats that improve the way we work - such as deploying sensors and other real-time technology on the rail network, to derive useful commuting information, enhance maintenance efficiency and improve efficiency of services, etc.

As we move into the future of public transport, it is the people in the industry who are key in driving its transformation. Our people are committed. And we continue to make a positive impact to the lives of people in Singapore.

Curious to know what drives our men and women as they shape the nation’s public transport system? Watch the videos and hear what they have to say about their experiences!