Career Opportunities at MPA

No matter what disciplines you are in, there will always be a place in MPA where you can contribute to the organisation's continual growth. Some of the exciting jobs you can look forward to are listed below:

Promoting & Developing Singapore as an International Maritime Centre

Area of Work: Developmental

Part of a dynamic team that spearheads Singapore's development as an international maritime centre (IMC), officer in developmental work will help to develop programmes to grow and promote the nation's maritime industry by reaching out to the international and shipping community via marketing and promotional efforts. This will also include fostering strategies and initiatives to grow a portfolio of new accounts from a specific geographical area as well as manage and deepen a set of existing accounts.

Other areas of developmental works also can involve monitoring and analyzing the maritime developments and trends affecting Singapore's maritime sectors and developing policies to ensure the Singapore Port and International Maritime Centre remains attractive and relevant globally. To support such work, you will analyse statistics, monitor trends, and undertake data analytics so as to present the findings and proposals to management.

Advancing & Safeguarding Singapore's strategic maritime interests

Area of Work: International

Part of the team that advances and safeguard Singapore's strategic maritime interests, officer in international works will be involved in formulating MPA's regional and international maritime policies. This may also include planning and implementing national maritime security policies and international engagement strategies, to advance our maritime security interests. From time to time, you may be required to represent MPA or Singapore at regional and international maritime and port fora.

Developing & Promoting Singapore as a premier global hub port

Area of Work: Regulatory

As the port regulator in-charge of maintaining Singapore's hub port status, officers in regulatory work would be involved in regulating and facilitating marine service providers. This includes formulating and reviewing port charges and incentive schemes and tariff regulatory frameworks for public licenses. Regulatory work also involved conducting long-term port planning to maintain and develop Singapore as a premier global hub port.

Part of the team that ensure and enhance safety, security and environmental protection of our port waters, officers in regulatory work could also be involved in conducting inspections on ships to verify conformance with international or national regulations and to investigate marine accidents. To do so, they should be familiar with the IMO Conventions and national regulations on shipping and able to communicate effectively with ship owners, superintendents and classification societies.

Area of Work: Technical

As the port planner in charge of facilitating the port operation and growth, officers in technical work would be expected to assist in the planning of port infrastructure and liaise with consultants in the planning, designing and development of port infrastructure and other port engineering projects. Among other engineering-related projects, you will also draw up technical specifications and tender documents and be involved in pre-implementation engineering works such as environment impact studies, geotechnical investigations and traffic studies.

Other areas of developmental works also can be in the area of information technology (IT), dealing with either application development or IT infrastructure and security. For application development, you will work closely with the user departments to gain a broad knowledge of their business processes; conduct impact analysis and design, develop, test and implement application systems to meet defined business requirements. As for IT infrastructure and security, you will design, develop, implement and administer the infrastructure and security controls for IT systems and a multi-level defense against cyber threats.

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