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Make a career out of making a difference

In a world that seems indifferent, you can stand out by making a difference. As a healthcare scholar, you will play a vital role in Singapore’s future by ensuring the health and well-being of our nation’s most important asset: our people. Discover the opportunities and potential of a healthcare scholarship and prepare to make your mark where it really matters.

Healthcare Graduate Studies Award (HGSA) ( Application till 2023-08-22 )

Healthcare Graduate Studies Award

This post-graduate scholarship is awarded to individuals who are keen to join the public healthcare sector while demonstrating academic excellence and community spirit. You will work with healthcare professionals providing direct care to patients, policy makers or IT systems professionals to improve the Singapore public healthcare system.

Healthcare Graduate Studies Award
Offered to final-year undergraduates or recent university graduates who are keen to pursue a master's degree in selected health science or healthcare-related disciplines.
  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident who is willing to take up Singapore citizenship
  • Possess a good university degree (Second Class (Upper) Honours or equivalent)
  • Good track record of work achievements (if applicable)
  • Good co-curricular activities record and strong leadership qualities
  • Passion for serving in the public healthcare sector
  • Good communication skills
*HGSA (Nursing): Possess a good (non-nursing) university degree (Second Class (Upper) Honours or equivalent)
  • Tuition and compulsory fees
  • Monthly allowances
  • Pre-study allowance (for overseas study only)
  • Return economy airfare (for overseas study only)
  • Sponsorship for approved developmental programmes
Courses of Study
  • Audiology: Audiologists diagnose, treat and monitor patients with hearing-related disorders as well as help them cope with their hearing loss. Local and overseas universities.
  • Biostatistics: Biostatisticians collect and examine data for clinical trials and epidemiological (health and disease control) studies. Overseas universities.
  • Business Analytics: Using data to predict trends, analysts help healthcare institutions make evidence-based decisions. They also evaluate the effectiveness of intervention programmes and provide inputs to policymakers. Local universities.
  • Clinical Psychology: Clinical psychologists assess, diagnose and treat mental and behavioural disorders in hospitals or community settings. They also design and implement mental health programmes. Local or overseas universities. Must have a good Honours degree in Psychology with a research thesis to demonstrate core research skills.
  • Epidemiology: Epidemiologists are medical investigators who research the frequency and distribution of epidemics and diseases within the human population. Overseas universities.
  • Health Economics: Health economists study the function of healthcare systems and health-affecting behaviours to help review healthcare policy. Overseas universities.
  • Medical Informatics: Medical informaticists develop and maintain medical systems, software applications and databases for doctors, nurses and other clinical users. Overseas universities.
  • Nursing: A highly-skilled and well-rounded profession with diverse responsibilities, nurses have exciting opportunities to develop their clinical skills to an advanced level, or move into management, teaching or research. Overseas universities.
  • Public Health: Public Health officers promote health by reducing the burden of communicable diseases through effective disease control and preventive programmes. Local and overseas universities.
  • Speech Therapy: Speech therapists diagnose and treat patients suffering from voice problems, cognition or swallowing disorders due to stroke, brain injury and degenerative disorders. Local and overseas universities.
Service Commitment
Period of Study Local Study Overseas Study
Up to 12 months 2 years bond 3 years bond
12 to 24 months 3 years bond 4 years bond
Application & Interview
Discipline Scholarship Application Window
Epidemiology, Public Health 1 September 2022 –
5 December 2022
Clinical Psychology 1 September 2022 –
5 December 2022
Business/Data Analytics 1 September 2022 –
5 December 2022
Medical Informatics, Health Economics, Biostatistics 1 September 2022 –
15 February 2023
Audiology, Speech Therapy 1 September 2022 –
15 February 2023
Nursing 1 September 2022 –
1 May 2023

The application windows are indicated as above. Interviews will be conducted from December to June each year.

Please do note that only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

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Deadline: Closed for this cycle