Ch’ng Jun Yi

PSC Local-Overseas Merit Scholarship (Teaching)

Jun Yi pursued Physics at the National University of Singapore and at a post-graduate level at Imperial College London, UK. Surprisingly enough, as a Physics and Mathematics Teacher, he was not always interested in Physics. However, the encouragement of his JC Physics tutor led him to develop a firm interest in the subject. He says, “I hope to have equally positive influences on my students as well!”

Jun Yi takes it upon himself to make sure that his students maximise their learning experiences. “The most challenging aspect of the job is to ensure that no student gets left behind. It’s heart-breaking to see students struggle to grasp concepts despite their best efforts to do so. As a teacher, the ball is fully in my court to do something about it!”

After teaching at Sembawang Secondary School, Jun Yi moved on to have a stint at the Ministry’s Headquarters, before his current posting at Public Service Division.
Danielle Zheng Zhihong

PSC Local-Overseas Merit Scholarship (Teaching)

Bubbly and cheerful Danielle believes in motivating her students to be good people by being a good role model for them. She draws inspiration from the teachers of her youth, having observed the huge impact that teachers had on students simply by interacting with them.

Armed with a Public Service Commission Local-Overseas Merit Scholarship (Teaching), Danielle has had the unique opportunity of studying under two different education systems, here at the National University of Singapore and at the University of Edinburgh. She says, “Teaching English and Literature (to my students) has enabled many fruitful discussions about values in the classroom… There’s no greater feeling than delivering an engaging lesson and inspiring students to want to learn the subject well.”

Jasmine Liu

MOE Education Merit Scholarship

Jasmine was first inspired to consider teaching by the many patient and dedicated teachers who taught her over the years. She embarked on the MOE Teaching Internship Programme (TIP) after her ‘A’ Level examinations and spent a month learning about the nature of teaching. As someone with a keen interest in Science, she felt a great sense of satisfaction and empowerment when she was able to help students understand complex scientific concepts

Her positive experience with the TIP eventually led her to decide to pursue teaching as a career. The Imperial College London and University of London graduate is now a Curriculum Policy Officer at MOE Headquarters after teaching Biology and Chemistry at Ngee Ann Secondary School for 2 years. She believes firmly in teaching as ‘heartwork’, saying, “Teachers inspire students to possess the right values, skills and knowledge to thrive in this ever-changing world. It may be a long and tedious journey, but it is definitely very rewarding!”

  Reuben Ong Ming Gui

MOE Education Merit Scholarship

As a student, Reuben had the privilege of having excellent teachers who made a difference in his life. Hence, he felt that taking up the Education Merit Scholarship would be the best way to do likewise to the students under his tutelage and translate his love for History into something fulfilling and enduring. The scholarship has provided him with a myriad of opportunities to prepare him for a career in the Education Service including studying at Durham University, school attachments and an internship at MOE Headquarters during his summer breaks.

From his observations of his ex-teachers, “they all possessed one thing in common: a heart for the students, which manifests itself in several qualities: patience and compassion for students as results in this profession are seldom immediate; ‘teachability’ and a willingness to learn on the job.”

This philosophy has helped him to contribute more effectively to Broadrick Secondary School, be it in teaching History, rolling out new activities or preparing his Drama Club students for competitions.
  Keith Ang Wai Kin

MOE Teaching Scholarship (Overseas)

As a child, Keith’s ambition was to be an artist but that slowly changed, thanks to inspiring art teachers. This in turn spurred him to pursue a career in teaching as he hopes to inspire future generations about the importance of Art and effect a greater emphasis on the arts in our society, like how his ex-teachers did for him.

Upon completion of his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute, USA, Keith is currently teaching Art and English at Jurong Secondary School. He shares, “there are two moments that really stood out for me, in relation to the lower secondary visual art final exams; when a class requested to stay back to work on their painting techniques and when the entire cohort was seen studying seriously, which was a first, due to the new curriculum. Little moments like these invigorates me to want to keep going and reminds me of my reason for joining the teaching profession.”

  Kok Zhi Ying

MOE Teaching Scholarship (Overseas)

Zhi Ying grew up with music and became passionate about enhancing the role and accessibility of the arts in Singapore. She says, “Teaching music allows me to pursue my passion and gives me the opportunity to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the arts in the younger generation!”

The MOE Teaching Scholarship (Overseas) enabled Zhi Ying to take music up to the Master’s level at King’s College London, an experience she describes as “intellectually invigorating”. Now a Music Teacher at Temasek Junior College, Zhi Ying believes that the right attitude will conquer all battles. She enthuses, “I treat every experience as an instructive one and believe in the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. I am also fortunate to have a good support system at the workplace!”

As someone who has always enjoyed explaining concepts to her classmates and helping them with their work, Zhi Ying is now living her dream of inculcating the arts in the next generation.
  Tan Pei Ling

MOE Teaching Scholarship (Local)

After graduating from the Art Elective Programme at Nanyang Junior College, Pei Ling took up a relief teaching stint at Sembawang Secondary School. The satisfaction she derived from teaching there made her even more certain that teaching was the ideal career for her.

The MOE Teaching Scholar went on to pursue her undergraduate education at Nanyang Technological University before receiving a Master’s sponsorship to take up a Master of Arts (Fine Art) at Central Saint Martins College of Art in the UK. Pei Ling brings a unique blend of both local and overseas experiences to the table, and she looks to help her students express themselves in unique ways.

She says, “Every child’s creativity is unique. One of the ways I inspire my students is to design lessons where the child can express himself or herself with confidence. Students often express subjects close to their heart in the process of art-making. At the end, I always feel that I’ve learnt as much or even more from them than they did from me!”