Work @ MAS

As the central bank and regulator of Singapore’s financial industry, MAS promotes sustained, non-inflationary economic growth and fosters the development of a sound and progressive financial centre. Our policies and initiatives must address the challenges presented in an ever-changing environment.


As Singapore’s central bank, we promote sustained, non-inflationary economic growth, through montetary policy formulation and macroeconomic surveillance of emerging trends of our domestic and external economies. We also manage Singapore’s official foreign reserves as well as oversee payment systems in the financial sector.


MAS is an integrated supervisor overseeing all financial institutions in Singapore - banks, insurers, captial market intermediaries, financial advisors, and the stock exchange. Being an integrated supervisor allows MAS to apply a consistent regulatory and supervisory framework and ensure a level playing field across all market segments, sectors and activities.


MAS works closely with other government agencies and financial institutions to develop and promote Singapore as an international financial centre. This ensures that our financial industry remains vibrant, dynamic and competitive.


MAS’ effectiveness in carrying out our core objectives is made possible by a wide array of departments specialising in Human Resource, Finance, IT, Corporate Services, Currency, Legal, Internal Audit, Strategic Planning and Risk Management. Each has a different role, but all work together to achieve our corporate mission.