An exciting career with excellent advancement opportunities awaits you at JTC.  We offer employees opportunities to collaborate in multi-department and multi-agency projects.  You will gain exposure to government agencies even as you acquire leadership skills through the many learning opportunities.

You can find your niche in JTC as:


You will develop land use planning concepts and planning design guidelines for JTC industrial estates. You will also manage consultants for master planning, landscaping and transportation projects to ensure best practices.

Assistant Manager (Corporate Planning)
You will play a pivotal role in developing, reviewing, integrating and implementing JTC’s corporate and business policies and processes, and overall strategies to achieve our mission and vision. You will have opportunities to oversee and drive the process of evaluating, monitoring and reviewing the Corporation’s performance and strategic outcomes. You will also help to promote strategic alliances and collaborations with enterprises and government agencies.

Assistant Manager (Marketing, Lease Management, Planning & Development for Business Clusters)

You will plan, develop and market premium industrial facilities to meet the needs of various industries, such as chemical, electronics, cleantech, areospace, offshore & marine etc.  You will manage customer leases and provide support for our customers' operations within these facilities. You will foster partnerships with our customers and build win-win relationships. You will conduct research to understand the needs of the industry and be involved in formulating marketing strategies, product conceptualisation, launches & promotions and budgeting & reviewing of policies. You will also oversee and handle issues related to estate and property maintenance.

Engineer (Civil Engineering/Reclamation/Mechanical & Electrical)

You will plan and conceptualise new and advanced engineering-related innovations/technologies for implementation in JTC facilities. You will seek and develop new areas for change to optimise land resource, improve building/infrastructure development works and advance engineering works in areas related to construction, materials, energy and water conservation.  You will plan, implement and deliver infrastructure provision on industrial land to meet requirements of customers, and provide advice to help them to create value and achieve cost savings. You will also plan, implement and manage projects such as reclamation, marine structure, building and infrastructure, as well as carry out technical studies.

Assistant Project Manager
You will conduct project feasibility study and make presentations and recommendations on development concept, preliminary programme and budget. You will prepare development/project brief, which include setting time, cost and quality objectives for the project. You will take the lead in selection and appointment of project consultants and contractors, and coordinate and monitor their work done. You will be expected to identify potential construction related issues or contractual disputes and effect appropriate solutions. You will manage the project to meet the time, cost and quality objectives.
For other available positions, please refer to our JTC Website Career page.