UrbanVille @ Woodlands

Career Opportunities

As an Architect at HDB, you can look forward to:
  • Designing and planning spaces for better living
    Have a hand in planning our HDB towns and shaping landscapes for Singaporeans and the generations to come

  • Managing the entire spectrum of public housing design activities
    Bring life to new and upgrading projects through working with stakeholders and consultants from design development to project management and construction

  • Gaining practical experience to become a registered Architect with the Board of Architects
    Hone skills in the management of infrastructure and urban planning projects, as well as the design and development of public housing estates

I Plan and Design Great Living Spaces
My Job as an Architect

I lead the Urban Design Department in the master planning and design of a variety of projects, ranging from residential, to industrial and commercial ones. More recently, I worked on designing sustainable and community-centric towns.

On top of creating beautiful living spaces, we also strive to retain the area's heritage. For instance, the existing Memorial Garden was integrated into the new design of Bidadari estate to retain its heritage. When the proposals were exhibited, many visitors were excited about the plans and were eager to book units.


We Live Our Values: Excellence

I take pride in the work we do, whether it is a large scale project such as town or estate planning, or a more focused one such as a housing project. When residents enjoy and look forward to living in the spaces designed and built by my team, we get the affirmation that we have delivered on our promise of producing quality work. In addition, we continue to strive for excellence by learning from best practices through participation in overseas conferences.

Be Part of Our Award-Winning Team
  • Singapore Institute of Architects' Architectural Design Award (Urban Design Category) 2014 for the Bidadari Estate Master Plan
  • FIABCI Singapore Property Awards 2013 (Master Plan category)
As an Engineer at HDB, you can look forward to:
  • Conducting research & test-bedding building technology
    Work with a multi-disciplinary team on testing the feasibility of innovative ideas and adapting them for large-scale implementation

  • Planning and managing building projects
    Manage a team of consultants in ensuring that homes of quality are completed and delivered on time

  • Gaining practical experience for registration as a Professional Engineer with the Professional Engineers Board
    • Hone project management skills through supervision of infrastructure and urban planning projects
    • Plan and design mechanical and electrical services
I Build Better Homes for Tomorrow
My Job as an Engineer

In a nutshell, I design mechanical systems, prepare design drawings and tender documents, assess site conditions and ensure the timely completion of my projects.

In line with HDB's shift towards sustainable living, I have been involved in engineering design projects that reduce energy consumption. One example is the regenerative lift which harnesses energy from the lift's movements to power common area facilities or other lifts.


We Live Our Values: Teamwork

In a large organisation like HDB, the scope of work is diverse, and so are the people. Since the work we undertake is large-scale, a lot of collaboration is required among various teams of professionals. Through teamwork in this multi-disciplinary environment, I have grown to understand the situation from the viewpoints of different professionals and thus, am better equipped to solve problems.

Be Part of Our Award-Winning Team
  • 2014 Excellence on the Waterfront Awards for the Punggol Master Plan
  • Minister for National Development R&D Award 2013 (Distinguished Award)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Distinguished Project Award 2013
As an Estate Manager for HDB properties, you can look forward to:
  • Interacting with and providing advice to residents
    Look forward to interacting with flat applicants and residents of different profiles and backgrounds, providing advice on housing policies, conducting credit assessments and financial counselling, and managing the sale and resale of flats

  • Touching the lives of our community
    • Play an advisory role in areas such as lease & tenancy administration, mortgage financing and the maintenance of sold/rental flats, shops and industrial space
    • Develop solutions for our residents and shop tenants
I Touch the Lives of Singaporeans
My Job as an Estate Manager at the Branch Office

My job scope is very diverse. In the area of estate management, I assist residents with lease and mortgage loan matters. I also work with residents and contractors on the maintenance of flats and car parks. In the area of enforcement, I check on illegal subletting and misuse of flats.

As part of my work, I am also involved in polling projects for the Home Improvement Programme, Lift Upgrading Programme and Enhancement for Active Seniors Programme.


We Live Our Values: Care & Integrity

I derive great satisfaction from being able to make a significant difference in the lives of residents by extending a helping hand in relieving their financial burden, helping to put a roof over their heads or directing them to relevant social service agencies for assistance. Once, I helped a family to right-size their flat as they were facing difficulties in making their mortgage payments. They were very grateful and invited me over to celebrate the festive season in their new flat.

Be Part of Our Award-Winning Team
  • PS21 Distinguished Star Service Award 2011 for Service Excellence
As an Estate Manager dealing with policy work at HDB, you can look forward to:
  • Formulating and reviewing policies
    Analyse pertinent data and critically examine the various housing policies and schemes to ensure that the needs of different sectors of society are catered for

  • Working with various stakeholders on housing policies
    Understand the concerns of and obtain buy-in from different stakeholders such as Ministries, grassroots leaders and residents on your recommendations

  • Improving the lives of Singaporeans
    Given that over 80 percent of Singaporeans live in public housing, our policies have a large impact on the lives of Singaporeans
I Develop Policies that Improve Lives
My Job in Policy Work

I oversee the entire spectrum of the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). This is an unique opportunity to oversee work of such breadth and depth.

My work brings both immense meaning, as well as a range of challenges. At the micro level there are operational and implementation details to consider, and at the macro level there are planning and policy considerations. All of these evolve with the changing social and economic landscape and human behaviour dynamics, adding to the complexity of the job.


We Live Our Values: Learning

HDB is a firm believer of life-long learning and demonstrates this by providing career and personal development opportunities for staff. Within three years of my graduation, I took on my first managerial position as Deputy Director in a totally new work area. I also had the opportunity to hone my management skills through pursuing an MBA at Haas School of Business, USA under the HDB postgraduate scholarship. Through my experiences thus far, I have seen myself learn and grow with HDB.

Be Part of Our Award-Winning Team
  • UN-HABITAT Scroll of Honour Award 2010
  • UN Public Service Award 2008 for Home Ownership Programme


Be involved in physical and land use planning of HDB towns & housing estates and the re-planning of existing estates for rejuvenation and renewal. Other duties include conducting planning research / analysis, formulating / refining planning guidelines for facilities provision and conceptualising and drawing up planning strategies and programmes for implementation.

Systems Analyst

Be involved in a spectrum of work areas spanning project management, system development and maintenance, data / systems management, quality management, network and communications, desktop services, Data Centre operations and IT security.

Estate Manager (Housing Market Analysis)

Play a part in research and special topical projects on real estate issues, as well as monitor and analyse the Singapore residential market through environment scan.


Work with a team of Researchers from multi-disciplinary backgrounds in the conceptualisation and execution of research projects related to public housing, with emphasis on the community and community bonding.

Provide pertinent sociological input and conduct analysis to enhance the value of research projects with social themes. Responsibilities include compiling and analysing the demographic and socio-economic profile of residents, and monitoring their level of satisfaction with various aspects of public housing, with the view to create a better living environment conducive for building cohesive communities.


Formulate financial policies and procedures, financial accounting, cost and management accounting, budget, treasury functions, payments, systems development and other related duties.

Legal Counsel

Provide in-house legal advice, draft and review terms and conditions of agreements and other legal documents on corporate and construction related matters, act for the Board in litigation and prosecution cases relating to residential, commercial and industrial properties, advise on legislation within the Board's purview as well as work with multi-disciplinary teams in a wide range of interesting and challenging projects.

Corporate Communications Manager

Manage media relations, publications, as well as communication programmes for new and major HDB policies and projects; or organise and coordinate VIP visits as well as delegations to overseas; and monitor and analyse public feedback.

Corporate Administrative Manager

Administer corporate planning process and provide support for Board and corporate matters, such as monitoring of key performance indicators and providing analysis of key trends; planning and managing corporate events and projects and delivering content reports on various subjects related to HDB.

Human Resource Manager

Manage one or more of the following functions in human resource management, such as leadership & career development, recruitment, training, welfare benefit schemes administration and / or other related HR areas.

  • Fulfilling Dreams
  • Building Homes
  • Creating Communities