Support Network & Career Development

Orientation Programme

Our Scholars will undergo an orientation programme to help them assimilate into our culture and get a headstart as a new member of the family.


Personal mentors will be assigned to our Scholars, to ensure that they are well-guided and given holistic advice on potential career paths and progression, as well as academic and personal matters. Scholars can also tap on their mentors’ wealth of knowledge and experience, and learn from the personal anecdotes of our veterans.

Buddy System

Our Scholars will be paired up with a buddy to help them integrate into the culture and feel at home, which are crucial components at the initial stage of embarking into working life.

Job Rotations

Our Scholars will be subject to job rotations in key departments, for greater and wider exposure of the Gardens’ operations, and for them to understand the intricacies of what it takes to run a horticulture-based attraction.

Career Monitoring

Scholars will have the chance to participate in strategic work committees, or take on secretarial positions in management meetings and projects. This will ensure greater exposure for our Scholars at a macro-level for leadership grooming.