smart nation scholarship

Find out what's in it for you as a scholar in each agency below:


As a Smart Nation Scholar with CSA, you can expect:

  • 2 x internship with CSA
  • Direct entry to CSA's Cybersecurity Development Programme (CSDP) upon graduation.

The Cybersecurity Development Programme (CSDP) is a 15-month development programme that equips recent graduates and mid-career professionals with cybersecurity skills and knowledge. The programme's aim is to effectively build the cybersecurity capabilities in the public sector and keep Singapore's cyberspace safe and secure.

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As a Smart Nation Scholar with GovTech, you may expect:

  • 1 Tech Internship with GovTech
  • An additional Tech Internship with GovTech / a Tech company of your choice
  • Direct entry to GovTech’s Technology Associate Programme (TAP) – a two-year GovTech development programme which allows you to deepen your technical and professional skills, experience rotation opportunities and mentorship beyond your existing expertise.
  • * TAP is included within your bond duration!

Our Technology Associate Programme (TAP) is an exclusive two-year personalised talent programme designed for you to build a strong foundation towards becoming a technology leader.

TAP is aimed to bring out the best in you, both technically and professionally. You will be groomed and nurtured to build in-depth expertise in the technology domain of your choice, solve nationwide problems with our technology leaders, and ultimately making an impact on the lives of people in Singapore.

Be empowered with the autonomy to define your own career growth in a supportive, friendly and inclusive environment. You will embark on an exciting journey where you will receive both career and technical mentorship from our senior leaders and experienced GovTechies, connect with like-minded technology enthusiasts in your cohort, and get access to exclusive and customised development opportunities throughout the two years.

Learn more about life inside GovTech and read about what GovTechies have to say on our careers portal!

What you can look forward to!

As an Associate, you can look forward to:


Gaining broad-based exposure and deepening your functional expertise in Infocomm Media

  • Building literacy as well as deepening existing capabilities in key Business-Policy-Social x Tech areas through our 2 x 1-year structured rotations
  • Portfolio consisting of involvement across 2 divisions during each rotation

Excellent track records in:

  • Developing leadership & acquiring technical skills as you embark on challenging projects/assignments across a range of business functions
  • Receiving mentorship from senior leaders for career guidance opportunities to work in cross-divisions task forces and committees
  • Dedicated engagement opportunities with Senior Management
  • Connecting with like-minded individuals in the AIM community + AIM buddy who would be assigned to you

As a Smart Nation Scholar with IMDA, you can expect:

  • 2 x internship with IMDA
  • Invitation to IMDA's key events
  • Direct entry to IMDA's Associate in Infocomm Media (AIM) Graduate Programme to nurture and develop talents passionate in the Infocomm Media field.

IMDA's AIM Graduate Programme is a 2-year structured programme designed for you to gain broad-based exposure to the digital ecosystem, whilst deepening functional expertise and building a strong foundation for future media and digital careers. You will be immersed in a fast-paced and dynamic environment with opportunities to rotate across IMDA's different functions. This will enable you to build a strong foundation for future roles in shaping a vibrant digital economy and a cohesive digital society for Singapore.

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