Brightsparks Scholarship Table 2015
Brightsparks Scholarship Table 2015

Scholarships 2015

A comprehensive guide to BrightSparks Scholarship Providers
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People's Association

People's Youth Leaders Scholarship

Courses / Disciplines: May pursue any course of study that has relevance to the different areas of work at PA.

The recommended choice of study includes:
Community Development, Human Resource Management / Human Resource Development, Organisational Learning / Organisational Development, Mass Communication, Project Management, Public Policy Studies, Psychology, Social Work, Business Administration, Accountancy, Marketing, Sociology, Gerontology and Political Science
Universities / Institutions: NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SIT and renowned overseas universities
Value & Benefits: • Full tuition and compulsory fees
• Monthly maintenance allowance
• Pre-studies allowance
• Sponsorship for approved student exchange programme
• Return airfare (for overseas universities)
• Medical/Health insurance (where required by the university)
Requirements: • Singapore Citizens
• Excellent academic results: GCE 'A' Levels, Polytechnic Diploma, Undergraduate results, and/or other equivalent qualifications (e.g. International Baccalaureate)
• Possess leadership qualities displayed through active participation in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and/or community volunteer service, especially in leadership positions
• Love to work with people
Bond Duration: 4 years for local universities, 6 years for overseas universities

Public Service Commission

President’s Scholarship
Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholarship (SAFOS)*, Singapore Police Force Overseas Scholarship (SPFOS)*, Overseas Merit Scholarship (OMS)**, Local-Overseas Merit Scholarship (L-OMS)***, PSC China Scholarship#, Singapore Government Scholarship (SGS) (Open)

**These scholarships could be “Open”, "Specialist" or “Tied” to Foreign Service, Legal Service or Teaching Service
***These scholarships could be “Open”, "Specialist" or “Tied” to Legal Service or Teaching Service
# Awarded in the form of the OMS or SGS

Courses / Disciplines: Most disciplines

* SAFOS and SPFOS awardees/ holders pursuing a degree in Law will not be called to the Bar while serving in the SAF/ SPF.
** OMS (O), L-OMS (O) and SGS (O) awardees/holders pursuing a degree in Law will not be called to the Bar while serving in the Civil Service.
Universities / Institutions: Tenable at top universities, both overseas and in Singapore
Value & Benefits: • Tuition fees and other approved charges
• Development programmes in preparation for a career in the Civil Service
• Maintenance and other allowance
• Return airfare
• Possibility of sponsorship for exchange programmes and Master's degree

* SAFOS and SPFOS awardees will also receive monthly salaries for the duration of their studies
Requirements: • Singapore citizens or permanent residents intending to take up a Singapore citizenship
• Strong leadership qualities and interest in a public service career
• Good CCA record
• GCE 'A' Level (with minimum 11 academic units), International Baccalaureate, polytechnic diploma (with Merit) or equivalent.

Candidates who do not meet academic criteria can be considered for scholarships if they have outstanding leadership qualities and CCA records

* SAFOS and SPFOS candidates should excel in Officer Cadet School
Bond Duration: English-speaking countries: 6 years
Non-English-speaking countries: 5 years (e.g. China, France, Germany, Japan)
Local universities: 4 years (with / without Master’s degree)