As an industrial infrastructure innovator, JTC will give you opportunities and room to imagine, innovate and implement future-ready  solutions for tomorrow's industries. Some of our projects – including CleanTech Park, Jurong Rock Caverns, Seletar Aerospace Park, Mediapolis and Jurong Island – are simply exciting and groundbreaking.

  Greening Businesses: CleanTech Park
JTC is developing CleanTech Park, Singapore's first eco-business park. This development will position Singapore as a global leader for clean technology products and solutions.

  Breaking New Ground: Jurong Rock Caverns
Innovative minds helped JTC to develop Jurong Rock Caverns, the first underground hydrocarbon storage facility in South-east Asia.

  Room to Fly: Seletar Aerospace Park
With intelligent foresight, JTC conceptualised Seletar Aerospace Park to realise its vision to grow Singapore into a global aviation hub.

  The Genius Central: one-north
JTC build a place where one can inspire and be inspired to turn ideas into groundbreaking innovations. It is where geniuses in the biomedical sciences, infocomms technology and media industries work to turn theory into reality.