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National University of Singapore (NUS) Full-Time Undergraduate Programmes

Founded in 1905 as a medical school, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has evolved from humble beginnings to become a leading university in the Asia-Pacific region. An NUS education is comparable to some of the best programmes at top universities globally. Built on a tradition of excellence, NUS is developing global standing for its multi-disciplinary education and research. Our programmes are characterised by entrepreneurial and global dimensions, for vitality and relevance in today’s knowledge driven economy.


The course extends over 4 years during which both the academic and practical elements of Dentistry are studied and practised. The first two years of study cover basic sciences such as Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Dental Anatomy 8: Histology, Pharmacology, Microbiology (including Immunology) and Pathology. This is to ensure dental students acquire the essential basic science knowledge needed for clinical practice. In addition students undergo preclinical training to prepare them for entry into clinics. In the third and final years, the management and treatment of patients are strongly emphasized along with teaching of oral and dental diseases.

On completion of the Final Professional examination and before the conferment of the degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), the students will attend a short course on General Practice Management (GPM).

The BDS (Singapore) degree allows the holder to register in Singapore and Malaysia .The General Dental Council (UK) recognises the BDS (Singapore) for full registration from holders who qualified before 2001. Graduates after this date would be required to complete the International Qualifying Exam before they would be eligible for full registration in the UK.

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