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Yale NUS College

 Since 2009, Yale and the National University of Singapore have been working together to imagine an ideal undergraduate education for the twenty-first century. The result is Yale-NUS College.

To thrive in today's global economy new graduates need more than professional expertise. They need the kind of “zoom in and zoom out” ability that comes from studying multiple disciplines and working across cultures.

At Yale-NUS, students will experience more than a translation of the American liberal arts curriculum in a new setting. Rather, the innovative curriculum designed specifically for Yale-NUS College maximizes its location in Asia and allows all students to develop integrated competence in science, social science, and humanities more rigorously than the leading liberal arts colleges.

Throughout its 300-year history, Yale’s graduates have founded many of the world’s most respected colleges and universities—Princeton, Dartmouth, Williams, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins, among dozens of others. But Yale itself has never chosen to launch another college.

Until now.

For the student with a sense of adventure and deep curiosity about the contemporary world, for the student who wants to connect the dots in new ways to come up with new solutions, for the student who is bound for global citizenship—Yale-NUS College is an ideal place to get an education.
At Yale-NUS College, you will begin a journey that goes beyond a traditional classroom. It's a journey of self-discovery - a journey of diverse viewpoints, unexplored worlds and new dimensions of knowledge.

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