Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS)

Grab the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality with the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS), the only multi-industry scholarship in partnership with the Singapore Government.

Understanding the importance of building a strong foundation, SgIS seeks to groom the next generation of young Singaporean talent by developing their core skills and competencies. The organisations participating in SgIS have good human resource capabilities and a strong focus on developing talent. Together, we form a sustainable community with diversified capabilities to help Singapore achieve continuous advancement.

Take the first step to unlock your potential and passion through the SgIS! Select a scheme that best meets your needs:

  • SgIS Full-Term
    For those who are about to embark on their full-time local undergraduate studies.
  • SgIS Mid-Term Local
    For those who are currently pursuing their full-time undergraduate studies in a local autonomous university.
  • SgIS Mid-Term Overseas
    For those who are currently pursuing their full time undergraduate studies in a university overseas.

While pursuing your undergraduate studies, you will enjoy an early start in personal and professional growth and development with myriad exciting opportunities offered through the SgIS Scholars’ Development and Engagement Programme.

  • Go BIG on your Professional Development through:
    Induction Programmes | Internships | Mentorships
  • Enable Strategic Engagement through:
    Dialogue Sessions | Leaders’ Forums
  • Connect to a Scholars’ Network by:
    Joining the dynamic and high-value SgIS Scholars’ Network

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