Crimson Education

Your expert guide to academic and career success

Crimson Education was founded with one core goal in mind - to help students achieve their potential. We do that by helping you get into your dream schools and programs in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

In the past application year, 100% of our Singapore students were accepted into at least 1 of their top 5 university choices. This includes schools such as Yale, Cambridge, Stanford, and Oxford.

We achieved that by giving students a clear strategic roadmap to reach their goals while providing hands-on support for every step of the way. In addition to college counselling, test prep (SAT/ACT/BMAT etc) tutoring, and scholarship advising, we secure the very best mentors for you to work with. We are a world-class network of more than 2,000 consultants and tutors from around the world, including Singapore. We provide you with guidance that goes beyond generic essay editing focusing on language improvements, to truly matching you with the best mentor that also has your subject expertise.

Apart from guiding you to optimise your application, we help you consider what's important in choosing the best fit school or program for you. Look beyond university rankings - picking a school that will nurture you and where you will flourish is a process of self-discovery and reflection. Best fit schools set you on a strong path for the future, whatever you may choose to do. Our role? To advise you on this decision-making process, and help you get there.

Whatever you are striving for, Crimson is here to connect you with the resources you need to realise your potential.