pillars of study

Upon completing the Freshmore terms, SUTD students select to specialise in one of the four pillars, graduating with the respective degrees. SUTD’s four pillars are developed to offer a modern engineering and architectural education that crosses traditional disciplines. They prepare students for roles that involve design, technical leadership and creative thinking. The 4 pillars are:

Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)

Environmental changes, rapid urbanisation and constraints on the world’s resources are challenges faced by the modern architect. ASD prepares students for the future needs of architecture in a digital era - ecological urban architecture, leveraging on big data to design smart cities, advanced design computation, digital fabrication and more.

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Engineering Product Development (EPD)

EPD prepares students for leadership in the conception, design, implementation and operation of innovative technology-intensive products and systems, with emphasis on products and systems whose development cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries. It covers products and systems in the fields of aerospace, bio-medical engineering, electronics, defence, energy, robotics, mechanical engineering, materials, transportation and more.

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Engineering Systems and Design (ESD)

ESD focuses on the design, analysis, optimisation and management of large-scale complex systems. Examples include financial services, supply chain and logistics, healthcare delivery, transportation and aviation, security and defence, energy production and distribution, and many more. It prepares students for positions as systems analysts or project leaders in a wide range of private and public sectors, and for careers in consulting.

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Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD)

ISTD integrates the traditional disciplines of Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Systems - focusing on the design of systems that interact with both humans and machines. It prepares students for leadership in industries including social media, banking and finance, transportation, security and defence, healthcare, and gaming.

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