stb scholar Gabriel Nio

Being a scholar with STB has been a great experience thus far! STB has been very supportive of my academic choices, be it my choice of school or the modules I take, and I never once felt like I was pressured to take a particular route of studies. This has given me the freedom to pursue my own academic interests. Furthermore, despite being in London, I get to be in contact with STB through their London office. Having been invited to some of their events in London, it was not only fun, but it also gave me a better idea of what STB does on the ground over here. Positive experiences like this have reaffirmed my decision to take up the STB scholarship, and I greatly look forward to working in STB when I complete my studies.

Gabriel Nio
Undergraduate at
University College London
BSc (Econ) Economics

As part of our scholarship programme, I went through a 10-week internship programme with STB. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship there and felt a real sense of accomplishment by the end of it. My colleagues were wonderful people to work with and they provided much support and useful feedback over the 10 weeks. At the same time, I appreciated the autonomy I was given in the projects I worked on. It’s always great to know that while you're learning valuable skills, you’re also capable of making tangible contributions to the organisation. And to think this is only the tip of the iceberg of what STB does!

Samantha Lau
Undergraduate at University College London
History BA

stb scholar Samantha-Lau