Hear from our Scholars

SSG WSG - Chin Ying Lin Olivia

Fiona Lim Shi Hui

2014 Scholarship Recipient

"It has been a very fulfilling experience working in an organisation that champions lifelong learning and helps every individual meet their career aspirations. I have been exposed to different work areas and given many development opportunities. I feel rewarded seeing my work take shape and improving Singaporeans' lives."

SSG WSG - Vincent Wu Zheng Jie

Vincent Wu Zheng Jie

2014 Scholarship Recipient

“The organisation proactively encourages Teamwork, which is one of our core values. Every member of the team is always ready to extend a helping hand despite their busy schedules. There is also mutual trust among colleagues which inadvertently allows us to see each other not just as co-workers but also, as friends.

We also have a supportive work-life culture, where staff widely adopt flexi-work practices, enabling us to achieve better integration between work and life.”

Michelle Han Jia Li

2014 Scholarship Recipient

"At SSG and WSG, we constantly strive to innovate and refine our programmes and initiatives to ensure relevance to the local workforce. It is rewarding to have my recommendations taken into consideration at the senior management-level, especially when the work we do in both agencies has a direct impact on individuals and employers. The bosses encourage an open culture of communication where the staff members are free to voice opinions on the effectiveness of our programmes."

SSG WSG - Lee Yue Kai

Desmond Yeow Yen Shien

2011 Scholarship Recipient

"The scholarship has given me a positive whirlwind of experiences through rotations in various functions of the organisation. Loving it!"

SSG WSG - Foong Tai Wei