Hear from our Scholars

SSG WSG - Chin Ying Lin Olivia

Chin Ying Lin Olivia

2013 Scholarship Recipient

“After I was awarded the scholarship, I had the opportunity to take part in a summer exchange programme and an internship with the Institute for Adult Learning. The experience broadened my horizons and allowed me to understand the importance of the organisation’s mission in workforce development and building an effective, innovative and responsive Continuing Education and Training ecosystem.”

SSG WSG - Vincent Wu Zheng Jie

Vincent Wu Zheng Jie

2014 Scholarship Recipient

“The organisation proactively encourages Teamwork, which is one of our core values. Every member of the team is always ready to extend a helping hand despite their busy schedules. There is also mutual trust among colleagues which inadvertently allows us to see each other not just as co-workers but also, as friends.

We also have a supportive work-life culture, where staff widely adopt flexi-work practices, enabling us to achieve better integration between work and life.”

Lee Yue Kai

2011 Scholarship Recipient

“I was privileged to have a mentor who had guided me as a young graduate. Through his guidance, I was better able to learn and navigate organisational culture and processes. My mentor was a great help when it came to my career plans, work-life balance, time-management and work conflicts – having an experienced eye to guide me along really sped up my personal development.”

SSG WSG - Lee Yue Kai

Foong Tai Wei

2009 Scholarship Recipient

“I was given the opportunity to be exposed to cross-divisional projects, as well as postings amongst the divisions to better understand our scope of work from different angles. There were also opportunities to take up further studies through Educational Awards.”

SSG WSG - Foong Tai Wei