What you can look forward to

At SSG and WSG, we believe in nurturing our talents' professional development and personal growth.

Through this SSG-WSG scholarship, scholars will get to:

  • Experience working in 2 agencies
  • Broaden your perspectives through learning and growth opportunities
  • Experience different types of work (policy, operations, engagement, etc.)
  • Contribute and value-add to key national imperatives

Start your career with 2 agencies!

Scholars can look forward to a holistic suite of developmental opportunities in both agencies.

Career Pathway of a SSG-WSG Scholar

2 x Internship Opportunities

  • Get a preview of the work, culture and environment in SSG and WSG, before you start your employment with us

2 x Job Stints

  • Experience work in both agencies upon graduation and in policy and non-policy work, giving you the opportunity to learn different skills while discovering more about your interests and strengths
  • Contribute and add value to 2 related yet unique causes
  • Your bond will commence upon joining SSG/WSG

2 x Employers to Choose From

  • Select your preferred agency (SSG or WSG) to continue your career journey upon bond completion
  • Stay connected in both agencies, which can help broaden your perspectives, expand learning opportunities and build wider professional networks

Meaningful Careers and Developmental opportunities

  • Continue to receive ample support based on your individual development plan.
  • Access opportunities such as postings and secondments, cross-agency and divisional projects, etc.


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