SP Group Nithiah Nandan Polytechnic Scholarship (2016-2017)
Singapore Power is proud to offer Polytechnic Engineering Scholarships to students.

As a scholar, you can look forward to:
  • A comprehensive scholarship package covering course fees and allowances
  • Valuable learning experience as a Singapore Power intern during your polytechnic days
  • Guaranteed 2 years’ employment with Singapore Power which allows for your continual development
  • Opportunities for university studies/sponsorship

Current full time students in polytechnics who have
  • Outstanding academic results
  • Excellent co-curricular activities records
  • Strong leadership qualities & potential
  • Passion for a career in the energy industry
  • Completed at least the first year of study
  • Singapore citizenship or Singapore Permanent Residence(SPR) status
Field of Study
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

You will need the following documents/details:
  • Proof of Citizenship (Singaporean or SPR)
  • Result transcripts
  • CCA records/Testimonials
If you have any enquiries, please email to [email protected]

If you possess great aspirations, challenge your limits and explore the possibilities with us!
Deadline: All Year Round