Engineering Development for GraduatEs Programme

(For graduating Electrical/ Mechanical / Civil Engineering students)

SP Group’s Engineering Development for GraduatEs (EDGE) Programme takes a ground-up approach to grooming fresh engineers. They undergo structured training and job rotation to critical operations to gain broad-based exposure and diverse technical expertise. Aspiring engineers can look forward to sponsorship for their Professional Engineer Certification, and holistic development through special assignments beyond the realm of engineering.

IGraduate Development Programme (iGRAD)

(For graduating Computing/ Computer Engineering/ Computer Science or equivalent students)

The Singapore Power IT Graduate Development Programme (iGRAD) is designed to provide tech-savvy minds with accelerated technical expertise development through broad-based exposure to key IT functions such as Digital Technology, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Applications & Infrastructure. 

For Polytechnic Engineering Graduates

Through the Learning through TEchnical Accelerated Programme (LEAP) programme, fresh graduates will undergo a series of structured blended training which comprises of theory-based lessons and on-the-job training, tailored to build a strong technical foundation.

Overseas Exposure
BrightMinds - Singapore Power

Teambuilding Activities
BrightMinds - Singapore Power