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If you are looking for a career that is both rewarding and fulfilling and would like to join the family of professionals with a passion for people, we invite you to apply for the following scholarships or awards.

Social Service Award from August to 30 Sep
The Social Service Award is offered to promising individuals who are passionate to serve as social service professionals and committed to work with people in the community.

Supported Fields of Study & Award Coverage
  Diploma Courses Degree Courses Post-graduate Courses
Social Work
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy x
Psychology x x
Early Childhood x x
Award details • $900 allowance per month
• Incentive fo $2k/yr for GPA ≥ 87.5%
• Book Allowance of $250/yr
• Max award value = $39,150(capped at 3 years)
• $1,050 allowance per month
• Incentive of $2.5k/yr for GPA ≥ 87.5%
• One-off settling & computer allowance of $2,500
• Max award value = $62,900(capped at 4 years)
• $1,150 allowance per month
• One-off settling & computer allowance of $2,500
• Max award value = $30,100(capped at 2 years)
Note: Upon completion of studies, awardees will serve a bond equal to the award period (minimum of 1 year) at one of the voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs).
For Degree and Post-Graduate courses, only local/overseas universities recognised by respective professional accreditation bodies will be supported.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Singaporean/PR
  • Good character and conduct
  • Strong interest and passion to serve in the community and social service sector
  • Gained admission into a recognised Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Early Childhood or Psychology courses.
  • Currently not serving any bond or under any other sponsorship
  • Willing to serve a bond with a VWO under NCSS’s purview, working with people in the community, upon completion of studies
Outstanding individuals pursuing degree and post-graduate programmes may be awarded the top-tier Social Service Scholarship.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of studies, awardees will have the opportunity to work as a social service professional at one of the VWOs.
Awardees may also have the opportunity to be rotated to different VWOs/roles during bond period.
Outstanding awardees may also be considered for management/leadership development programmes.

Application Applications for Social Service Award are now opened.

For Diploma Programmes
Submit by Application outcome made known by
31 July 30 September
For Degree & Post-Graduate Programmes
Submit by Application outcome made known by
30 April 31 July
30 October 31 January

Due to overwhelming response, we are not able to accept any more applications. Thank you

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