BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation

BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation

They are... Scholars with a Heart

Meet our SNCF Co-op Scholars who are on the road to being leaders with a social mission. The scholarship is an undergraduate degree scholarship that supports talented, high-caliber students with a heart for the people. Our scholars have the courage to strive for academic excellence and to make a difference in society through co-operatives, which are sustainable regulated social enterprises that serve more than 1.3 million members in Singapore since 1925.

Do you have what it takes to make a difference?
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About Scholarship

The SNCF Co-op Scholarship attracts, develops and nurtures suitable talents to enter the ranks of the co-operative movement in Singapore. Co-operatives are regulated social enterprises which operate viable businesses to meet the economic, social and cultural needs of its members. The successful scholars will thus have to understand and embrace the principles and mission of co-operatives to contribute to society.

The SNCF Scholarship supports the scholar's undergraduate study at any local university, capped at four years. It covers full tuition fees and a maintenance allowance of S$3,500 per academic year. In addition, the recipient is entitled to a hostel accommodation allowance up to S$3,500 per academic year and a maximum computer grant of S$3,000.

Upon graduation, the Scholar is to be bonded to SNCF for a period of up to four years and may be deployed to work in co-operatives and related sectors.

Preferred disciplines

Preferred disciplines of study offered in a local university which includes Business Administration/Management, Business/Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Computer Science/Engineering, Data Science, Information System/Technology, Digital Communication, Communications Studies, Communications & New Media, Accountancy, Sociology, Social Work, Engineering, Environmental Studies/Science.

BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation

Our Scholars

BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation "As an SNCF scholar, I am exposed to different activities which I believe will mold me into a better person. With skills gained in university coupled with my internship experience, I am looking forward to contribute to the co-operative movement in Singapore."

Jonathan How
BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation "I am excited and blessed to be on board with SNCF – to contribute by enhancing inclusiveness, providing opportunities and empowering lives in our society. There is intrinsic value in this movement and I can’t wait to see more youths getting involved!"

Charmaine Lee
BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation "As an SNCF scholar, I would be able to help people, so that they can help themselves and others in return. The ripple effect resulted from my action would have a far greater impact than an individual's effort alone."

Guo Mei Qi
BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation "As an SNCF scholar, I hope to be able to put the knowledge and skills that I have gained in university to good use, in helping to raise awareness and advance the co-operative and social entrepreneurship movement in Singapore."

Yeo Tiong Hui
BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation "I am immensely grateful for the invaluable experiences gained and friendships forged at SNCF. I hope to offer insightful approaches to innovate and help reinvent the cooperative movement, while inspiring others to care & give back to our community."

Tanya Ee
BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation "I believe strongly in the potential of youths, especially those of low income and troubled backgrounds, and I would love to aid them in their development in becoming the next driving force of our society!"

Goh Yu Xuan
BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation "I see great value and potential in co-operatives to create a more inclusive society in Singapore. As an SNCF Scholar, I hope to champion this co-operative movement, to inspire and lead young leaders to bring about bigger and better things for our nation."

Tok Yin Jie
BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation "Till today, I am grateful that SNCF had acknowledged my sincere desire to serve people around me and thereafter, offer me countless opportunities to continue to lead in various ways. My short term wish as a scholar would be to motivate youths to establish closer and more inclusive relationships with the aged in Singapore."

Kar Yern

Application Process

BrightSparks - Singapore National Co-operative Federation Apply Now


  • Singapore citizen or permanent resident
  • Has excellent academic results (i.e. GCE 'O' Levels, 'A' Levels, International Baccalaureate or Polytechnic Diploma)
  • Undergraduate (with at least 2 more years to course completion) with outstanding academic results
  • Only for full-time first degree course at any local university
Applicants must first seek admission to the institutions on their own and preferably be accepted for admission before being considered for the Scholarship.

Eligible applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria (not in order of importance):
  • Applicant's academic records
  • Applicant's participation in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
  • Applicant's leadership qualities and interest in co-operative work
  • Portfolio/Showcase of Social Entrepreneurial initiatives (if any)
  • Other factors being equal, the financial background of the applicant.
Shortlisted candidates will be required to submit an essay before attending a panel interview.

Download the checklist and attach it with all your supporting documents.
Scholars are required to serve a bond period which is equivalent to the number of years of sponsored studies. Duration of the bond will be offset upon completion of the internship program during the course of study.

Fulfillment of all 3 years internship = Bond offset of 1 year

Fulfillment of 2 years internship = Bond offset of 6 months
The Scholarship applies to existing undergraduates, with at least two more years to course completion. However, there is no backpay of sponsorship for the Scholarship. Interested final-year undergraduates are encouraged to explore career opportunities in co-operatives through their respective recruitment channels.
SNCF will contact applicants via email (and phone) to notify them about the interview.
The general rule of thumb is that there shall not be dual or duplicate sponsorship coverage. Applicants should declare any existing grants or scholarships held during the application phase.
The scholar is not allowed to switch his/her major without the written approval from SNCF.
The scholar is allowed to participate in all programmes offered by the University. He/ she is encouraged to explore those opportunities as the exposure and skills sets gained, coupled with the training provided by SNCF, would enhance his/ her contribution to the Co-operative Movement.

However, the scholar will be responsible for additional tuition fees and personal expenses if he/she needs to complete extra semesters of studies arising from his/her participation in these programmes.
Currently the Scholarship is targeted at students pursuing undergraduate courses.
The scholar will be required to serve his/ her bond with the co-operative and related sectors after graduation. He/ She is encouraged to pursue Masters Degree after obtaining at least three to four years of work experience for optimal learning experiences and applications. However, deferment for Masters study may be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.
The scholar who breaks his/her bond voluntarily will be required to pay liquidated damages, in accordance with the terms set out in the Deed.
Arrangements will be made for the scholar to take on appointments and work roles that will provide exposure and learning opportunities depending on available opportunities and his/her interest. He/she will have the privilege to attend co-operative-related forums and seminars to keep himself/herself up-to-date with the local and international co-operative movement and key challenges faced by co-operatives.
The scholar will receive remuneration based on starting salaries for fresh graduates which are pegged competitively to a similar or related industry.