SME’s Eligibility Criteria:
  • Meet the SME criteria of:
    • Minimum of 30% local shareholding
    • Group annual turnover of not more than S$100 million OR group employment size of not more than 200 workers  
  • Have good HR practices and are able to provide good career opportunities
  • Are committed to provide a one-year training plan for recipients upon employment
  • Are able to pay recipients at least the market median salary upon employment
Programme Coverage:
Participating SMEs offer study awards to good local students from ITEs and/or Polytechnics by:
  • Sponsoring selected students’ remaining year(s) of study (which covers school fees, study allowance and sign-on bonus);
  • Bundling employment as part of a two-year bond requirement; and
  • Providing on-the-job and/or other relevant training opportunities to recipients once they join the SME upon graduation
Funding Support:
For Polytechnic Student/Graduate

For ITE Student/Graduate

# includes males in NS who are operationally ready in 6 months time

Participating SME’s financial contribution
  • Participating SMEs will be given up to 70% grant support of the total award value. This covers the study sponsorship amount as listed above which will be fully paid out through the schools to the students in instalments.
  • The SMEs’ share of the total award value will be paid out in the form of a sign-on bonus payment when students join the company (as above).
  • SMEs will also be supported for the required training deliverable(s) and related costs to train and guide new hire(s) during the first year of employment.
Important Points to Note:
  • Appointed Trade Associations & Chambers (TACs) representing various industry sectors will be the key programme partners and managing agents for this SME Talent Programme.  The appointed TACs will assess and qualify SMEs who are keen to participate in STP.  As SPRING’s key partners, they also play an active role in talent selection interviews and in matching suitable applicants to SMEs.
  • Selected students will sign a study award agreement with the sponsoring SMEs.
  • As of 23 Oct 2013, the following TACs are partnering SPRING to offer this programme to SMEs in their respective industries :
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Please click here to view a list of FAQs for SMEs.

For enquiries please contact EnterpriseOne at [email protected] or its hotline at 6898 1800