SLA Undergraduate Scholarship

Megan Ann Pang - Singapore Land Authority

Megan Ann Pang

Bachelor in Economics and Geography
University College London, UK

"When I was applying for the scholarship, it was SLA's vision "Limited Land, Unlimited Space" that intrigued me the most. This vision contradicts the definition of scarcity in Economics - limited resources, unlimited wants. My academic interests are aligned with SLA's vision and it delights me knowing that I will be contributing meaningfully in Singapore's socio-economic landscape with this warm and vibrant family."

Muhd Izzat Afiq - Singapore Land Authority

Muhd Izzat Afiq

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate & Master of Urban Planning
National University of Singapore

"In many ways, SLA’s role – which includes optimization and management of land – is challenging yet crucial to Singapore’s economic and social development. In this regard, I am eager to join the SLA family as I believe that the scope of work is challenging and will allow me to develop to my fullest potential. I look forward to working in an exciting and vibrant workplace in the future and more importantly, contribute to Singapore’s success!”

Loo Yu Xi - Singapore Land Authority

Loo Yu Xi

Bachelor of Geography
University College London, UK

"With Singapore being a country with limited resources and land availability, meticulous planning of land use is necessary to cater to the increased needs of our rising population. I believe that SLA plays a pivotal role in shaping Singapore’s socio-economic progress through optimising our available land resources. I am honoured to be given the opportunity to contribute towards the sustainable development of our country and am definitely looking forward to what this journey entails."

Toh Yu Ze - Singapore Land Authority

Toh Yu Ze

Degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics
University of Oxford, United Kingdom

"While confronting the myriad of career, study and scholarship opportunities available, SLA stood out as one of the few options which allowed me to marry both my interests and desire to contribute back to society. Not only could it provide me with a platform to make a direct and tangible difference to the progress of Singapore, it also appealed to my personal interest in Geography - a subject that is predominantly concerned with the way we use spaces. Ultimately, the final persuasive sway came through my interaction with the friendly and outgoing staff of SLA during the selection process, giving me the confidence that working in SLA would be fulfilling and enjoyable at the same time!"

Singapore GeoSpatial Scholarship

Ng Yong Xiang Singapore Land Authority

Ng Yong Xiang


National University of Singapore

"The scholarship opportunities to acquire the latest knowledge and exposure from diverse participating public agencies will certainly help me achieve my goals to elevate Singapore’s smart nation development and support its evolution towards a global node of geospatial excellence"