SLA Undergraduate Scholarship

Alvin Yeo Wei Kuan Singapore Land Authority

Alvin Yeo Wei Kuan

Double Degree in Economics and Business Management (Finance) Singapore Management University

"Despite having land scarcity as a great weakness, Singapore continues to progress and prosper as a first world nation. SLA provides me with the opportunity to be part of the team that has been contributing to Singapore's impressive social and economical growth. The need for precision and meticulousness makes a career with SLA challenging yet fulfilling and I believe that the nature of the job suits my adventurous personality perfectly.

Kayley Ng Qiu Lin Singapore Land Authority

Kayley Ng Qiu Lin


National University of Singapore

"Limited Land, Unlimited Space. SLA is the perfect organisation to join for brainstorming innovative ideas on addressing the issue of limited land in Singapore. I was fortunate enough to have undergone an internship stint at SLA which left me extremely intrigued by the work that SLA does. SLA is an exciting place to be in and I look forward to joining this warm and exciting team!"

Gao Siqi Singapore Land Authority

Gao Siqi

Double Degree in Chemical Engineering and Business Administration (Accountancy) National University of Singapore

“Before starting my university life, I had a brief but worthwhile internship at SLA. This further convinced me that SLA is where I want to develop my career. The working environment is warm and cosy with friendly mentors and colleagues. The nature of the work is challenging at times as novel ideas are needed for land management to accommodate the increasing population and changes that Singapore is facing. I feel very grateful that SLA has awarded me the scholarship and certainly look forward to being part of the team.”

Tan Ming Hao Singapore Land Authority

Tan Ming Hao


National University of Singapore

“Taking up a scholarship is akin to choosing a career path. Therefore it needs to be rewarding and meaningful. I am honoured that SLA has given me such an opportunity. Having to grapple with the land issue, a strategic resource, will be a great challenge and responsibility which excites me. Being in SLA will not only allow me to stretch myself further but also derive a great sense of satisfaction from being able to contribute to the sustained development of Singapore.”

Ken Poh Keng Boon Singapore Land Authority

Ken Poh Keng Boon

Business Management

Singapore Management University

“SLA plays a pivotal role in maximizing land spaces in Singapore as our country's economic success is built on optimization of limited resources. I strongly believe that my enthusiasm in serving the public accompanied with the passion for operational excellence would contribute to SLA's mission. SLA's supportive framework and wide range of opportunities for individuals to develop has assured me that SLA is the organization I want to be in. I had the privilege to experience the operations in various departments in SLA before taking up the prestigious scholarship and now I am looking forward to joining the vibrant SLA family!”

Tan Kian Meng Singapore Land Authority

Tan Kian Meng

Mathematics & Economics

Nanyang Technological University

"I have always been amazed by the fact that Singapore, despite its land constraints and lack of resources, have emerged as an economic powerhouse within the region. To be able to strike a balance between housing the ever-increasing population while not compromising the economic development seems like a challenging, yet at the same time, exciting task. Such were the reasons that prompted me to apply for the SLA's Undergraduate Scholarship. Having received the scholarship, I feel indeed honoured and look forward to be part of the team that will shape Singapore's future."

Singapore GeoSpatial Scholarship

Ng Yong Xiang Singapore Land Authority

Ng Yong Xiang


National University of Singapore

"The scholarship opportunities to acquire the latest knowledge and exposure from diverse participating public agencies will certainly help me achieve my goals to elevate Singapore’s smart nation development and support its evolution towards a global node of geospatial excellence"