Scholarships FAQs

1. What qualities in our scholars are we looking for?
We are looking for individuals with a passion for the aviation industry, who possess strong academic and analytical ability, outstanding co-curricular achievements, good communication skills and leadership potential.

2. How many scholarships are offered each year?
We have awarded between 3 and 10 scholarships annually. The number varies in accordance with the quality of candidates.

3. What is the application process like?
Shortlisted candidates will be asked to sit for a set of psychometric assessments, complete an internship programme and attend two rounds of interviews.

With effect from this year, we will be opening up the selection exercise earlier. If you wish to be considered in the provisional exercise, you should submit your application from November. Please submit your application using your preliminary/latest examination results. You do not need to secure a place before applying for the scholarship, but you should indicate your choice of universities and courses in the application.

Scholarship offers made at the end of the provisional exercise will be conditional upon applicants’ meeting our academic requirements in the final examinations. You may be considered in the main exercise (in March) if you are not shortlisted in the provisional exercise.

Application is open from November for the provisional exercise, and will end in 2 weeks after the release of the GCE A level results for the main exercise.

4. What happens after I graduate?
On completion of their studies, our scholars are deployed on various career tracks, depending on our manpower needs.

For those interested in Engineering, a career in our technical divisions awaits you. This scheme provides opportunities for candidates to build up mastery and professional expertise in aeronautical engineering. There will be prospects for development and job rotation within the Engineering division

Others will be given general management roles and be involved in analysing, planning, reviewing, and implementing policies, as well as working with teams on business projects. There are also opportunities for job rotation and those with the aptitude can apply to be posted as Overseas General Managers.

5. What distinguishes Singapore Airlines as a prospective employer?
As a global company, we offer diverse career opportunities, both within the parent airline company as well as the subsidiaries.

We also pride ourselves as a committed people developer. and believe in helping all employees develop their full potential. Throughout your career with us, you will be provided with an extensive array of learning and development opportunities to enhance your professional and managerial competencies.

6. How do I apply?
Please submit your applications through BrightSparks.

For enquiries, please email to: [email protected]