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Meet Our Scholars

“As a highly reputable engineering-driven organisation, Sembcorp easily became my first choice for a scholarship application. During the initial stages of the scholarship assessment, I was presented with concrete foresights which geared me towards a realistic view of a future career with Sembcorp.

Sembcorp also lays out a vast array of opportunities for its scholars. Unlike many organisations that fix a path for its scholars, Sembcorp ensures that its scholars are free to explore their career options in the company. In this way, the scholars are able harness their fortes and anchor on their strengths and specialisations. This naturally propels the scholars to a fruitful and rewarding career with Sembcorp. In Sembcorp, you are the driver of your career and not merely a passenger taking a ride.”

Gerard Man



“It was a pretty easy choice for me to select the Sembcorp Scholarship as I was eager to have a headstart in my career in one of Singapore’s most recognised business brands. I believed that Sembcorp could offer me the necessary grounding, exposure and opportunities to develop myself professionally and achieve my aspirations.

Back then, I also anticipated that working in Sembcorp would provide me with a good platform to move further ahead in my career if I had to venture elsewhere after my 6 year bond expired. As it turned out, there was no such need. I have grown in and with Sembcorp over the past 12 years. Although this journey has its share of challenges, its ups and downs, it has so far been a very rewarding and satisfying one.

Since starting as a junior process engineer 12 years ago, I now head a public listed company, the Sembcorp Salalah Power & Water Company, which is responsible for the largest and most energy-efficient power and water plant in Oman’s Dhofar governorate. If all this has been possible for me in Sembcorp, it can happen for you as well.”

Lim Yeow Keong



“As an international student with a strong interest in engineering, I chose Sembcorp for the opportunity to provide essential engineering solutions to local and international partners.

To me, Sembcorp Scholarship provides far more than financial support to my education. I looked forward to join the company even while I was in school and knowing that I would be able to apply the knowledge I acquired in university motivated me to learn more. I am glad that as I had expected it, I adapt to the environment and culture perfectly upon joining Sembcorp after graduation."

Xu Xiao Chen



"When I first applied for the Sembcorp scholarship, I was looking for a career where I can contribute to the company, grow continually as a person and be continually challenged to my limits. I believe that Sembcorp has exceeded my expectations in all aspects.

At Sembcorp Marine, I have been given the opportunity to develop my technical knowledge through working on different types of vessels from ship and tanker repair, to conversion of production units, to new-building of drilling vessels and living quarters semi-submersibles built to the highest standards for the most demanding of industries. I have also been given the opportunity to develop people management and leadership skills through interaction with suppliers, vendors, clients and sub-contractors from various walks of life.

Currently, I am leading a department at the Jurong Aracruz Shipyard, the pioneering shipyard at the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil. I appreciate the responsibilities and experience of opening new frontiers with a dedicated team. It has been a most challenging yet rewarding journey with Sembcorp.”

Teoh Wei Ming