Grow Your Potential with us through the Raffles Medical Group Scholarship.

If you are interested to embark on a career in the healthcare industry, we invite you to join us.

Raffles Medical Group Mid-Term Scholarship (2013-2014)
Course of Study
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Biomedical Science
  • Finance / Accountancy
  • Business Admin / Management
  • Tuition Fees
  • Monthly Allowances
  • Mandatory Miscellaneous Fees
  • Attachment Allowances
  • Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Excellent undergraduate results with minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Good CCA records
Attachment Opportunities Scholars will be given opportunities to be attached to either Raffles Medical Clinics or Raffles Hospital to experience the RMG culture. This will also allow scholars to understand the operations better and gain first-hand insight into the healthcare industry. Enquiries

You can also click here for more information about RMG. Alternatively, you may email us at [email protected].

Deadline: All Year Round