I am an enthusiastic and interesting individual who loves to bring joy to those around me. An avid reader, I have a keen interest in global affairs and the challenges faced by the healthcare industry.”

Imran Shah S/O Rahman Shah, Pharmacy (NUS)

I am very honoured and privileged to be awarded the Raffles Medical Group Scholarship. I look forward to the many opportunities in the coming years and I am very excited to experience the RMG culture. This is the start of a promising career and I will do my best.”

Chia Wei Chun Leslie, Pharmacy (NUS)

I look forward to working as an inpatient pharmacist where I can put what I learn into practice and serve the patients.”

Hannah Koh Yih Yun, Pharmacy (NUS)

I am grateful to receive the scholarship offered by RMG and I look forward to the development programme that will prepare me to serve in the healthcare sector.”

Wee Huiting Marina, Life Sciences (NUS)

I would describe myself as someone who strives to do the best I can in everything that I do. No matter the end result, as long as I know I put in my best efforts I will be satisfied.”

Ng Xing Yee Cindy, Life Sciences (NUS)