Here are some of the challenging areas you could be involved in:

Formulation, review and implementation of key environmental and water initiatives

  • Diversification and sustainability of Singapore's water supply
  • Environmental protection, climate change, renewable energy, public health, meteorological services
Industry and Technology Development
  • Projects to create a more vibrant water industry
  • Initiatives to develop water technology and harness water resources
Reaching out to the People, Private and Public Sectors
  • Partnership projects with the communities, industries and international agencies
  • Strategic initiatives in marketing, public relations, strategic communications and more
Resource Planning
  • Strategic initiatives in finance planning, funds management, project financing and more
Career Options

Engineer, Economist, Policy Executive, Environmental and Water Scientist as well as jobs in areas such as Finance, Communications and Corporate Management (including Legal, Human Resources, Finance/IT Audit, Marketing and Quantity Survey)

Whether your interest is in sciences, engineering, water management, environmental public health or just reaching out to people. You will enjoy a challenging career across NEA and PUB, including MEWR.

More details on careers in NEA & PUB are available from our websites - NEA:, PUB:

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