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SAF Engineering Scholarship
The SAF Engineering Scholarship is for military engineers-to-be, who are ready to serve the nation and be groomed as leaders with specific deep specialisation in engineering. The scholarship equips you with a world-class education and training to spearhead in-depth engineering studies, as well as design and operationalise high-end technological capabilities for the SAF.

As military engineers, you will assume a range of challenging appointments in MINDEF/SAF. In addition, there will be opportunities to be rotated to the Defence Technology Community (e.g. Defence Science and Technology Agency [DSTA] and DSO National Laboratories) to augment the build-up of engineering expertise in the Defence-technology ecosystem.

  • Female: 1 Apr 2024 to 30 Aug 2024
  • Male: 1 Sep 2023 to 30 Apr 2024

For more information, please visit: https://www.mindef.gov.sg/oms/scholarship/scholarships-ses.html
Deadline: Closed for this cycle